• Enemies don't regularly drop gil but rather Loot?
  • Loot can be sold to different types of markets/locations for different amounts of gil?
    • But also an Auto-Sell function that sells all the loot:
      • Requires input? Like press A to unloot the loot
      • When the player enters a city?
        • Sells to closest vendor(?)
        • Sells to random visited vendors(?)
        • Ooor, lets the player decide which types of loots are auto-sold to whom
        • Oooor even better, just sells the same type of loot to the same store as last time?
          • Doesn't remove from the micromanaging of unlocking and minmaxing gains
          • And puts this responsbilt. in the player's hands
          • Practical and fun, yiss
      • When the player comes in contact with a vendor?
        • Aka walks into a store/nudges a dude
      • When the player speaks to a vendor?
    • And also a Sell-All function for manual sells.
  • Sold loot is also stored in that vendor's menu and unlocks new purchases?
    • But unlike the XII!Bazaar, this keeps track of all the sold loot so far, so you won't be punished for selling the wrong things at the wrong time.
      • It does consume the stored loot, however. But the player shouldn't be punished for being curious.
      • Only thing that might be sneaky if the player purchases a thing that requires 8 Leather from the Merchant, but a better thing requires 10 Leather but the player has only sold 9 and cannot see this??
        • Also a buyback-function? So if you sold to the wrong dude, you can buy it back for more and resell it?
          • Too much micromanaging, so maybe not
      • What is not micromanaging is seeing unlocked recipes but them being grayed out, that's great
  • Apply the Bazaar functionalities to all shop items??
    • Potion costs 1 Green Herb; if the player purchases either Potion or Green Herbs they can no longer sell Potions
      • Have a restock for all merchants, where they restock their stocks with time?
  • This all sounds like huge, frequently revisited towns
    • Neither good nor bad, just the direction this is taking

List of RecipesEdit

Recipe Contents Cost Ingredient Amount
Bronze Sword Bronze Sword 200 Bronze Bit 2

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