Seeing as the player can regain lost items at the Coliseum, Mixing wouldn't be as threatening. Added is also Refine, where the user exhausts multiple quantities of a lower-tier item to gain 1 other item (usually a higher-tiered version). The difference is that Refine requires specific quantities and specific items, meaning that they all operate on recipes rather than free-form (these recipes are made available to the player first when the player acquires at least 1 of each item involved, or from other sources (such as talking to certain NPCs)).

Both can be used in the Menu, to instead place instances of the new item in the inventory. However, not all recipes work in-menu, whilst other will not work in-battle. Recipes that do work in-menu, however, will be able to create multiple instances of the item during one mix/refine, by selecting the desired amount. When used in-battle, the created item can be used immediately or placed in a temporary Mix inventory slot to be used by other party members later. To be noted is that storing the item this way only subtracts TP from the user from the Mix ability and not the item's cost, and that items in the temporary slots are destroyed as the battle ends, if inventory space is not available.

Using the Mix command, two options pop up: Mix and Recipe. Mix works as in the Final Fantasy series, whilst Recipe brings up a list of known combinations the player has acquired by either testing or by exploring. It then lets the player select one of the eligible ingredients for the first half, and then one of the corresponding ingredients for the second.



Mix Item 1 Item 2 Effect Battle Menu
Bomb Grenade Grenade Deals damage equal to 3x the damage of one Grenade.




Refine Item Quantity Battle Menu
High-Potion Potion 2

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