• Damage restored over max. HP is stored in a separate variable that controls the HP Shield.
  • When a character is hit with an attack, the damage is first subtracted/reduced by the shield for a single hit, before subtracting actual HP.
  • After single hit connects, the HP shield is nullified.
  • The shield's max HP is either (pending):
    • Unlimited.
    • The user's max HP.
  • Even if the damage reduction itself isn't unlimited.


  • Make the player feel like unnecessarily restoring HP isn't a "waste of a turn".
  • Scenario
    • A is hurt.
    • B restores 8000 HP out of 6000 whereas 4000 was needed.
    • The 4000 excessive HP is stored in the HP Shield.
    • Furthermore, B inflicts several buffs, each restoring HP.
    • This results in 1000 additional Shield HP, increasing the HP Shield to 5000.
    • C now unleashes a triple-hit attack on A.
    • Due to the HP Shield, the damage received is mitigated for the first hit only.
    • Damage inflicted is:
      • 1500 (Pending: Damage = Damage - Shield HP / 10)
      • 2000
      • 2000
    • Due to the HP Shield, A survives with 500 HP.
    • Thanks, HP Shield.


  • The purpose of the shield isn't to be a tactic into mitigating damage, it's just to relieve aggravation. Therefore, it only lasts for a single hit, and doesn't mitigate any significant damage compared to other methods.
    • OR make the damage reduction so insignificant that it lasts for multiple hits, but the player has to work to receive nullify-proportions.
      • Probably not though, it might encourage players to use it as a tactic.
        • But would that be that bad really?
          • Sort of, since the ideal is to have an unlimited upper limit (to not suddenly make HP restore waste of a turn). It would then be dumb to potentially have an unlimited damage reduction.
            • Furthermore, if damage cap on enemy attacks is capped after HP Shield, it is still useful to have an unlimited shield. If the enemy's single-hit Ultima deals 15,000 damage from a max 9999, one could boost the Shield to reduce more than 9999 to really benefit.

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