• Hits and evades are both based on Luck and acc/eva respectively
    • To make evades less boring and crits more fun
      • Tiers!
Hit Evade
I Dire hit 1.5 damage I Winged 0.75 damage
II Critical hit (Severe) 2.0 damage II Clipped 0.5 damage
III Perilous hit 3.0 damage III Scratched 0.25 damage
IV Vital hit 4.0 damage IV Evaded/Missed 0.0 damage
  • Lower chance for the higher-tiered compared to most RPGs, but muuch higher for lowest tiers
    • Also much higher since they don't exist elsewhere
      • But that's unimportant
  • Need to make sense grammatically
    • Crits
      • Inflict dire hits
      • Inflict severe hits (too regular)
      • Inflict perilous hits
      • Inflict vital hits (maybe too regular)
    • Evades
      • The foe winged the character
      • The foe clipped the character
      • The foe scratched the character
      • The foe missed the character
      • I was winged
      • I was clipped
      • I was scratched
      • I was missed??? I was evaded???

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