• A type of cost that applies if a chain is ended prematurely
  • So the game can have abilities that have long-@$$ chains with multiple tiny strikes that cost next to no TP leading up to a stronger one, without being able to cancel it at the penultimate attack of, like, 12, and being able to continue with something else
  • Pero, like, nó, even if the steps themselves were cheap the player should still pay the price of such an amejing abil
  • Makes sense in a Smash-type setting. If the character has a natural combo of 3, the player can input the whole chain in quick succession, but stopping anywhere is what grants the lag. The player can therefore act during the lag with specific moves, only in our case the lag is already low as it is assumed the player will want to continue the chain, and stopping it is what grants the "regular" lag, i.e. chain cancel penalty.

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