• Seeing as the TP penalty adds to Break and not damage (significantly), and a lot of the abils are going to be aimed towards breaking, this needs to apply to the playables as well

Alt 1: Equipped actives-basedEdit

Alt 1-1: GlobalEdit

  • The game takes the entire abil grid into account when choosing breaks and their effects

Alt 1-2: LocalEdit

  • Each tile gets its own breaky
    • Moving will make this hella hard to maintain
      • Freeze the break when moving?
        • Or make it exhaust hella slower?

Alt 2: VariableEdit

  • Breaks change during battle
    • Applying Enblaze gives a break of Ice damage for instance

Alt 3: Variable Additional ConditionsEdit

  • The players have 1 fixed bar
  • Think XIII
  • Dealing Break Power raises it
    • Consecutive hits on the same abil/turn have an 1.2 multiplier?
  • But depending on equips/battle status, additional conditions appear that gives bonuses/penalties
  • Break effect always the same?
    • Down with all resistances (even status) and all stats for a duration
  • Multiple levels? All with the same effects? Different from CPU as they are generated upon the prior break?

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