• All actives have an "aggro"-value, that determines thebase aggro induced when using the abil
  • All actives also have an "aggressive"-value, that determines at which aggro-level the abil may be used
  • Having aggro operates differently depending if the unit is player- or computer-controlled:
    • Computer-controlled units are more likely to target aggroed characters, and more (or can only) likely to use higher-aggressive actives
    • Player-controlled characters:
      • Loses the ability to target units whose aggro are much lower than the high-aggroed unit
      • Loses the ability to use actives/commands whose aggression are much lower than the high-aggression actives. Attack has 100 aggression, and can thus be used with max. aggro.
        • With Attack and only 1 target available, the abil is used automatically
  • Inflicts aggro differently depending on targeting?:
    • When at least 1 foe is targeted, distribute aggro between foe(s)
    • When only allies are targeted on a restorative ability, distribute aggro between All foes
  • One cannot inflict aggro to their own party
  • The greater one's own aggro is, the less one may induce
  • Aggro has a max of 99/100/255/999/9999
  • Aggro diminishes with turns (after user's turn)*
  • The diminishing factor is 50% if no aggro was inflicted the previous turn, otherwise 25%
    • 100 aggro will be reduced to 50 after Beebop's Storm
    • 10 aggro will be reduced to 5 after Beebop's Tackle
    • 100 aggro will be reduced to 75 after Beebop's Storm
    • 10 aggro will be reduced to 7.5 (shown as 7) after Beebop's Tackle

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