Quest notes are notes that appear to the side of the quest objective(s), to give the player hints on how to approach an obstacle. As many quests have loose or open-ended goals, it can be almost vital to obtain quest notes in order to understand how to proceed without going in blindly.

Just like enemy notes these can be obtained in a multitude of ways, in form of exploration. Unlike enemy notes however, is that quest notes that can be applied to multiple quests or quest stages only require that the note is unlocked once.

List of Quest NotesEdit

  • Denotes alternative steps, i.e. either this or that.
  1. Denotes steps that need to be completed in succession, i.e. this and that.

Notes in descending order replace the preceding variants. If they differ, they are instead appended.

# Note Quests Unlock
  • A young mage has been helping the townsfolk out by healing their sick.
Mages' Monikers (1-3)
  • Speak to the old lady by the docks.
  • Speak to the young man by the fortress entrance.
  • In the town temple, a young mage has settled in and has been helping the townsfolk out by healing their sick.
  • Speak to the temple's servant.

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