The Coliseum is a feature in Fine Fantasy. It allows the player to wager an item in order to fight a corresponding enemy.

Defeating the enemy successfully will allow the item to be sold in the Coliseum store (albeit expensively), allowing for farming. Some enemies can only be fought this way.

T- the Coliseum is not copied from the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. I- I swear.


Battle Bet(s)
Beebop Potion
Hathor Cow's Horn
Horus Wand of Osiris and Locust Staff

Collector's CornerEdit

The Collector's Corner is where the player may fight to regain lost items. The Collector keeps track of items the user has spent as combat items, during mixes, and as Bets in the Arena, and the quantities of each. The battle fought is calculated by the combined value of each item of the same kind. For example, attempting to win a single Elixir will net a less difficult battle than if the player had used 99. Regardless of the item in question or the quantities thereof, the battle is always challenging.


Value Battle
1 Flame Dragon
99 Flame Dragon x3
100 Flame Dragon, Frost Dragon, Storm Dragon

Item ValuesEdit

Item Value (x99)
Potion 1 99
Elixir 101 9999


Battle Condition(s) Cost
Cow's Horn Defeat Hathor 100,000


Very late in the game, the player may have purchased everything there is to buy at the Level Grid, and will thus gain LP without anything to spend them on. This shop will then open up, offering unconventional merchandise.

The purchases spent here aren't taken into account during game balance, as the player will likely have cleared the main plot before maximizing stats, and is only here to create an illusion of "incompleteness" to motivate the player to continue playing an already finished game.

It is possible to attain max stats only with this store, but it is not considered "canon".

Merchandise LP Cost
+1 Stat 1,000, scales
+1 fixed damage point 1,000, scales
+1 fixed damage point reduction 1,000, scales

The way in which the item is purchased is also different; talking to the merchant brings up a bar for each item. The player then selects an item and chooses "Spend", after which the bar grows vertically upwards until the container is full, a point is attained, the bar is reset, and the process continues until all the LP is spent. This means the player may have several bars in-progress, but will have to go several trips in order to evenly fill all bars.

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