Square Lightning A
0 Basic attack Deals physical damage. Fires a slower shot at a range, and uses quicker swipes when close.
1 Block Lightning enters a defensive stance, which lowers her movement speed but decreases damage taken. Can be toggled off prematurely. By activating before an opposing ability connects, the damage is reduced substantially.
2 Elementa Casts four orbs, one in each element, that swirls around the foe before hitting, possibly damaging nearby foes in the process.
3 Army of One Lightning dashes to an enemy and starts dealing a string of slashes. The "homing" after activation is low, so it is best to slow or stun the enemy first.
4 Overclock Slows all foes in an area around Lightning, that follows her. Also increases her attack- and movement speed, including Army of One.
. - .
100px A
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Peck The Angel strikes down with his beak.
2 Inspire Increases the defenses of all party members in proximity, for a duration.
3 Curaja Restore HP to an ally, with increased potency the lower their HP is.
4 Choco Bond Increases the offenses of all party members in proximity, that increases the more allies there are.
. - .

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