Square Cid nan Garlond Cid nan Garlond
A Ironworks With every minion wave, Cid sends a mini-mech down the lane he is closest to, which functions as a slightly stronger minion.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Magitek Drone Cid sends a drone to a target ally or allied minion, creating a floating turret that attacks nearby enemies and prioritizes whatever the wielder is attacking.
Ether Bomb Fires a long-range bomb at a target location that, if it hits nothing, burrows into the ground, becoming invisible. When an enemy approaches it explodes, damaging their HP and MP.
2 Mount Magitek Gear Cid mounts a magitek armour suit, giving him 40% increased movement speed and access to different abilities.
Dismount Cid dismounts the gear, allowing him to use his ultimate and original skills.
3 Experimental Contraption Cid augments a nearby turret, minion or mech, giving them mechanical armour that greatly buffs their attack damage and resistances. A percentage of the damage done by the target counts for Cid as kill gold.
Deploy Scout Drone Cid sends out a small drone that flies in a line across the map and reveals its surroundings, if it sees an enemy it will follow them for a short time but then returns to its path.
4 Call Enterprise Cid calls his airship, the Enterprise, down to his current location. He then enters and it waits up to 15 seconds, during which up to his entire team can board, once reactivated, it flies to a previously entered location at an extreme range and drops off everyone who entered.
1 2000m range. 250s cooldown.
2 3000m range. 200s cooldown.
3 Global range. 150s cooldown.
Difficulty - 10/10
Damage - 3/10
Tenacity - 1/10
Support - 8/10
Manipulator - Instead of engaging enemies head-on, Cid serves to sit back and let minions shove lanes while he runs around on his Magitek Gear securing objectives.
Square Minfilia Minfilia
A Touch of Hydaelyn Whenever a nearby ally takes damage, Minfilia will heal them for a percentage of their missing health after 2 seconds of taking no damage. This effect stacks up to 3/4/5 times(?).
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Crystal Shard Minfilia sends a shard of crystal flying forward, dealing damage and applying a stacking slow to the first enemy hit. Can hold up to 3/4/5 charges and has a 0.5 second cooldown between uses, with a 3 second cooldown on a charge reload. Crystals appear around Minfilia as they spawn, as an aesthetic effect that alerts enemies to how many charges she has.
2 Temperate Immunity Minfilia forms a tether to an ally for a short time, while within range, the duration of all crowd control on them is reduced and then split between them.
3 Vision Minfilia views the memories of all enemies in a large area around her, revealing their direct vision of all land traversed in the past 5 seconds.
4 Unleashed Echo Minfilia sends crystals to a target location, forming a floating ring, after 0.75 seconds the crystals converge, pulling allies and enemies alike towards the centre, and healing allies for a small amount.
Difficulty - 6/10
Damage - 2/10
Tenacity - 4/10
Support - 8/10
Defensive Support - Minfilia can protect herself and allies easily with her abilities that allow her to sustain allies through poke and foresee and disable enemy ganks.

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