Square Hope Estheim A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage.
1 Veil/Vigilance The afflicted ally will reduce the efficiency of all ailments and slows.
2 Aeroga Launches enemies in an area for a very short duration, and deals wind damage.
3 En/Bar-element The inflicted ally will gain elemental damage bonus, as well as take less damage themselves from elemental attacks.
4 Last Resort Deals multiple hits of magical damage over a large area, that each reduces the duration of enemy augments.
Mixed - .
Square Mog A Mognet Passing by an ally gives Mog a temporary boost in movement speed.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Magnet Creates a constant pull of all enemies in the marked area towards the center, and deals magical damage the greater the closer the target is to the center.
2 Reverse Polarity Creates a wide stream of magnetic energy in aimed direction that remains for a duration, with Mog in the middle. All foes that walk into the stream are pulled slightly in said direction, and dealt minor magical damage. Allies can use it for quicker transportation, as for them it will only give a speed boost in when they are heading in said direction.
3 Burst Creates an explosion in a marked area that deals minor magical damage, but scatters all foes close to the explosion.
4 Mog Clock Creates a huge field of magnetic energy that deals slight damage, slightly slows enemy targets, but more importantly amplifies the effects of all other magnetic abilities as long as the target is within the zone.
Offensive Support - Has high control over enemy speed and mobility, and can deal continuous magical damage in large areas. Very low HP and defensive stats, and accumulated damage may still not knock the opponent out.

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