Square Oerba Yun Fang A Hunter All of Fang's abilities deal increased damage the more ailments the foe is inflicted with.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Area Sweep / Blitz Spins around and deals damage to nearby foes, and may launch them for a short time.
2 Fatal Sweep Fang dashes in a direction, pushing enemies with her and dealing damage.
1 3m push range. 10m distance.
2 5m push range. 15m distance.
3 7m push range. 20m distance.
3 Beat Down Smashes the ground, dealing damage and stunning targets in a radius, for a short duration.
4 Highwind Jumps to a foe and slams down with the spear, dealing massive physical damage to the target and diminished damage to foes in a radius.
. - .
Square Sazh Katzroy A Papa Bear Sazh deals higher damage the more allies in proximity in critical health.
0 Basic attack Deals long-ranged projectile physical damage.
1 Snipe Fires a shot in aimed direction that deals damage to multiple enemies in line. Increases damage the farther it travels.
2 Blitz Fires off a barrage of shots in a short sweeping arc. Deals damage per shot, meaning the more that connects, the higher the damage.
1 10 shots.
2 15 shots.
3 20 shots.
3 Burst Fires off multiple shots in aimed direction that are slightly homing, that explodes upon impact to stun and repel the foe.
4 Cold Blood Deal a string of homing shots in aimed direction.
Ranged Killer - Deals damage from a long distance. Poor movement speed and mobility. If a foe gets close despite Burst, Sazh is ****'d.
Square Jihl Nabaat A Imperil Damaging an enemy with a spell gives them the Imperil debuff for a short time. If an ally attacks them during that time (consumed after 1 hit) that attack penetrates a small percentage of the enemy's resistances.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile magical damage.
1 Poisonga Deals low magic damage in an area, afterwards damages and slows enemies for a short duration.
2 Deprotectga Deals magic damage in an area, lowering the resistances of enemies hit by a %.
3 Dazega Deals slight magic damage in an area and briefly stuns enemies hit.
4 Sadistic Surge Extends the duration of Jihl's ailments on nearby enemies and deals magic damage to them, the damage ignores a portion of their resistances if all 3 ailments are applied.
1 X damage. 40s cooldown. 20m range. 30% resistance ignored.
2 X damage. 35s cooldown. 23m range. 40% resistance ignored.
3 X damage. 30s cooldown. 26m range. 50% resistance ignored.
Offensive Support - Virtually no way to directly aid allies, but supports like her bra with heavy allied defense penetration and lockdown. 
Square Cid Raines A .
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Defensive Shift Increases Cid's defenses, but decreases his speeds. Also gives his basic attack knockback, and decreases the knockback he himself takes.*

Active: Uses Guard, which can be held to further reduce damage. Cooldown of ability is increased the longer it is held, aside from the base cooldown. If used right before an enemy ability, further reduce the damage taken, knock the foe back, and slightly stun it. This has heavy cooldown.

2 Recovery Shift Cid and all allies in proximity slowly regain HP, as well as has the duration of ailments reduced quicker. Cid's damage output is greatly reduced.

Active: Uses Curasa, which restores HP to himself and all allies in proximity, with increased efficiency the lower their current HP is compared to maximum.

3 Offensive Shift Cid's basic attack range is increased, and so is his damage output. However, he also takes more damage.

Active: Uses Seraphic Ray, which deals damage to all enemies in a radius around Cid, as well as decreases the duration of their buffs.

4 Lindzei Type Cid enters his cie'th-hybrid form, but it does not count as a Shift. As long as the ability is active, all effects of the Shifts are augmented in Cid's favor. His movement and attack speeds are also greatly increased, as well as his defenses, regardless of the current Shift.
Mixed - Three "Shifts" that can be toggled, that gives Cid varied effects. The three abilities also basically have two sets of cooldowns; one for when it is active and the button is pressed again, and one for when the Shift is exchanged for another. Default is no Shift at all, which Cid enters when the passive's duration runs out. Activating a Shift when another is active removes the first one, but also decreases its cooldown accordingly.
100px A Ailette Galenth only has 60% of his regular HP. The other 40% is a passive shield that regenerates while out of combat at an accelerated rate of his regular HP regen. In addition, none of Galenth's abilities cause him to stop moving.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage, animation doesn't require stopping to attack and either sends an orb of light or Menrva to strike the target.
1 Baptism in Ruin Passive: Galenth generates orbs of holy energy, up to 5 at a time, that float around him.

Active: Sends all the orbs towards a target enemy in a wide arc, one after another, damaging the first enemy hit.

2 Destrudo Creates a beam of light over a target location, which blasts downwards after a few seconds. Can be detonated early but only deals full damage if it reaches the full charge, doesn't build up damage as it charges.
3 Grand Axis Targets a wide cone of 90 degrees in front of Galenth, all enemies in the remaining circle around him are shifted towards that zone as if spinning around him and slowed briefly at the end.
4 Thanatosian Laughter Galenth creates the mask of Barthandelus which opens to reveal the cannons beneath, which fire out randomly in a wide cone in front of him for 3 seconds, dealing massive damage to all enemies hit. This is not a channel and Galenth is free to do whatever he wants as soon as the ability begins.
Mobile Area Burst Mage - Moves slowly, but can glide around fights without stopping to assault enemies while kiting them.

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