Square Wakka A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage.
4 Attack Reel Spins around like a storm and fires off multiple blitzballs into all directions (though they have some form of homing to foes). If the balls hit a foe, they bounce, and may hit 1 more foe for 1/2 the damage.
Area Burst Offense - Deals a barrage of offensive spells in large areas. Heavy cooldowns and weak defenses.
Square Lulu A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Bio Inflicts damage in an area, and Poison if the target(s) are in the center.
2 Demi Deals damage in moderate area, depending on target(s) current HP.
3 Ultima Deals damage in a large area, with increased damage the closer the target is to the center.
4 Fury The cooldowns of the other abilities are set to 0. After usage, the original cooldowns are applied, together with the cooldowns that were removed.
Area Burst Offense - Deals a barrage of offensive spells in large areas. Heavy cooldowns and weak defenses.
Square Paine A Life Is But A Prison Paine is really fucking melancholy, like all the goddamn time. This reduces the damage she takes slightly cause she could not care less.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Armor Break Quick, short-ranged stab towards the cursor, inflicts damage and a debuff on any enemies hit that reduces their armour, can be stacked up to 3 times.
1 4s cooldown. 5% shred.
2 3s cooldown. 10% shred.
3 2s cooldown. 15% shred.
2 Liquid Steel Quick sweep in a cone in front, for a short time after Paine takes less physical damage.
1 20s cooldown. -40% damage.
2 18s cooldown. -50% damage.
3 16s cooldown. -60% damage.
3 Magicide Mid-ranged dash that stops at the first enemy hit, damage increases proportionately if the target's MP is high.
1 16s cooldown. +0-20% damage.
2 14s cooldown. +5-60% damage.
3 12s cooldown. +10-80% damage.
4 Delay Buster Targets the first enemy in a line, freezes both Paine and the target for 1.5 seconds as she rushes to them in slow motion and then strikes with a head cleave that deals a large amount of damage to the target.
1 120s cooldown.
2 100s cooldown.
3 80s cooldown.
Bruiser - Moderately tanky and excels at drawn-out fights, being able to shred down an enemy's armour and resist their damage.

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