Square Setzer Gabbiani A
0 Basic attack Deals quick projectile physical damage. Can only deal damage rounded to a number with all the same digits (1,11,22,333,8888,etc.).
1 Reel #1 Dice / 7 / Crown / Heart / Grim Reaper
2 Reel #2 Dice / 7 / Crown / Heart / Grim Reaper
3 Reel #3 Dice / 7 / Crown / Heart / Grim Reaper
4 Activates the effects of all stopped reels, and applies (minor) cooldown to all abilities. Duplicates have increased efficiency.

  • Dice
    • Deals random damage to targeted/closest foe from 1-9. Duplicates adds damage * 10^n, i.e. the second dice may deal 99 damage, the third 999.
  • 7
    • Deals 7 damage to all foes in proximity. Duplicates usage adds 7 * 10^n, i.e. the second dice may deal 77 damage, the third 777.
  • Heart
    • Restores minor HP to self and allies in a tiny radius. Duplicates increases radius and slightly HP.
  • Crown
    • Applies low-duration Critical to self, or extends an already existing one. Duplicates increases duration.
  • Grim Reaper
    • Deals minor damage to self. Duplicates strongly increases damage.
Wildcard/Gambler - Abilities can have a wide array of effects with low cooldown in between, however unless the player pays attention the effects in question are randomized, and are never really strong. The player can spin reels again instead of activating the fourth ability, but this has increased delay.
Square Celes Chere A Winds of Narshe Celes' damaging spells inflict Frozen on the target, stunning them for a very short time and then slowing their movement and their attack speed afterwards, an enemy can only be stun every once in a while but the slow can be spammed, with highly diminishing returns if used several times in a row.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile mid-ranged physical damage.
1 Icebrand Sends a crescent of ice in a line, damaging all enemies in its path, if an enemy is Frozen from this ability, the stun duration is increased.

Passive: Attacks gain range and send a bolt of ice at the target if they are further from Celes' maximum base attack range (cosmetic).

2 Blizzard Deals ice damage in a wide area around Celes.

Passive: Autoattacks inflict Frozen.

3 Runic Blade Channels for a short time, absorbing all magic damage and returning the damage dealt as MP, can be cancelled at any point. Casting Runic Blade at any point during its cooldown removes the passive effect.

Passive: Take 20% reduced damage and restores MP when hit, but deal 50% reduced damage.

4 Meltdown Sends a blast of fire in a line in front of Celes, dealing damage to everything hit, ally or enemy, if an enemy is inflicted with Frozen when they are hit, they take additional damage and radiate 50% of the damage dealt as healing to all of Celes' nearby allies.

Passive: Generates a healing aura that restores HP to allies over time.

Stance Support - Play Celes as a tank or a bursty support or whatever, what's important here is that after using an ability she gains a passive effect until another ability is used.
Square Locke Cole A Genji Glove Locke carries the zwill crossblade along with his wing edge, occasionally throwing it as a basic attack dealing increased damage, this ability has a static cooldown.
0 Basic attack Deals long-range projectile physical damage.
1 Throw Locke throws the wing edge on a wide arcing angle in front of him (hitting as an oval basically), all basic attacks made while it is in flight will use the zwill crossblade.
1 X damage. 12s cooldown.
2 X damage. 11s cooldown.
3 X damage. 10s cooldown.
2 Steal

Passive: Locke gains additional gold from enemy deaths.

Active: Locke gains attack speed for the next 2 hits, each stealing a small amount of gold from the enemy.

1 1 gold. 60% AS. 2 gold/hit.
2 2 gold. 80% AS. 3 gold/hit.
3 3 gold. 100% AS. 4 gold/hit.
3 Quick Passive: Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Genji Glove.

Active: Locke dashes a short distance, low cooldown.

1 7s cooldown. 3m range. GG cooldown reduced by 1 second.
2 5s cooldown. 3m range. GG cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
3 3s cooldown. 3m range. GG cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.
4 Mirage Dive Locke soars through the air to a target location, dealing damage in a large AoE upon landing. While diving and for a short time after, he has a chance to avoid attacks.
1 X damage. 80s cooldown. 20m range. 5m AoE. 40% dodge.
2 X damage. 60s cooldown. 20m range. 5m AoE. 55% dodge.
3 X damage. 40s cooldown. 20m range. 5m AoE. 70% dodge.
Long-Range Skirmisher - Highly mobile and able to hit from a long distance, but long cooldowns curb his power to being able to dish out high amounts of damage but only every little while or so.
Square Kefka Palazzo A Cray-Cray KO'ing an opponent causes Kefka to dance, temporarily increasing his movement and attack speed.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Havoc Wing Smashes the foe in front with the wings, knocking them back.
4 Light of Judgement Temporarily upgrades a tower, causing its range to increase substantially, as well as the damage and speed of its attacks.
? -
100px A Lich Ring The Ghost has reduced maximum HP and receives less benefits from items that grant extra HP. It also has a 90% reduced death timer and grants less experience/gold to their killer. 
0 Basic attack Deals melee magical damage.
1 Acid Rain Toggled ability that deals periodic damage in a circular zone around the Ghost, drains both the Ghost's HP and MP to maintain.
2 Phantom Whisper Creates a tether with a targeted ally or enemy that, if it remains unbroken after a couple of seconds, swaps health percentages between the Ghost and the target.
3 Dancing Flame Inflicts a curse upon the targeted enemy that slowly drains their HP over time, restoring a percentage of it to nearby allies of the Ghost.
4 Possession The Ghost becomes untargetable and dashes to an enemy, instantly dying and not granting a kill, gold or experience to any enemies, but allowing the Ghost to cast spells at no cost from the location of the targeted enemy (but not target them) for a few seconds.
Suicidal Mage -

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