Square Faris A
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Open Fire Fires a cannonball at a targeted location that deals damage upon landing and adds one of three effects to all enemies hit, it cycles through the list and using Combine has no effect on the rotation.

1. Bomb Explodes into shrapnel dealing 50% additional damage.

2. Grog Weak poison that deals damage over time.

3. Dust Miss all basic attacks for a short period.

2 Rapid Fire Faris increases her attack speed to attack 4 times per second until 4 attacks have been made or 2 seconds pass, it also passively reduces the cooldown of Open Fire.
3 Combine Faris adds a special brew to her next Open Fire or basic attack which causes it to apply all effects with double the grog potency.
4 Thunderstorm Faris summons a bolt of lightning from the sky which strikes all enemies in a small area, dealing magic damage and instantly refreshing the cooldown on Open Fire.
Ranged Physical Caster - Abilities have veeeery long range and are generally preferable to regular attacks, also lacking in burst damage, but exceptional at poke and sieging.
Square Bartz Klauser A Level ? Magic While Bartz' HP is a multiple of 3, all damage dealt by him releases a burst of energy dealing extra magic damage, while it is a multiple of 4, all damage dealt by him increases depending on how high the opponent's HP is, and while it is a multiple of 2 his damage slows enemies very slightly.

Bartz uses HP as his resource instead of MP.

0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 ???? Sends a pulse of green energy in a cone, dealing damage to all enemies that increases the lower Bartz' HP is.
2 Vampire Deals magic damage to a target enemy and heals self.
3 Aero Deals magic damage in a zone around self, pushing away enemies.
4 Mimic Bartz copies the ultimate ability of a target enemy or ally and gains that ability to use for the next 5 seconds. From the second use onwards, he can target himself to use the previous ability copied.
1 300s cooldown. No cost.
2 250s cooldown. No cost.
3 200s cooldown. No cost.
Mime - Bartz' abilities are all slightly weak, but he is valuable due to the incredibly high strength and utility he can have through Mimic.
Square Krile A Moogle Link Krile commands a group of tiny moogles that follow her around as a mass around her, these moogles have 5% of Krile's stats and block single target skillshots, the group can be moved away from her in a line by ctrl-clicking(?). If a moogle dies it will respawn in a few seconds, but at least 1 must be available at all times.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage, a moogle flings themselves at the enemy.
1 Assault! Krile commands her moogles to charge in a target direction, damaging enemies for the time they are in the attack and pushing them back, but leaving Krile vulnerable, each moogle only pushes an enemy back a small amount, allowing them to pass through and be damaged by another.
2 Disperse Krile commands the moogles to charge away from where they are standing, pushing enemies away from the targeted point, can be self targeted to push enemies away.
3 Aegis of Bal Krile commands her moogles to return and form a circle around her, giving each of them a temporary HP shield and protecting her and any very close allies. If an enemy passes through the circle they are slowed constantly until they leave, using another ability cancels the shield.
4 Meteorite Krile sends all of her moogles into the sky, they return a moment later on a meteorite that strikes dealing massive damage at a target area and leaving her moogles there.
Commander - Krile has large control over where her enemies move, giving her high synergy with characters with high AoE and zone control. Also AoE is her natural predator.

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