Square Ramza Beoulve A
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Tackle Knocks a nearby opponent back, and stuns them for a short duration.
2 Throw Stone Throws a stone at an opponent, causing them to get pushed back, and stuns them for a short duration.
4 Ultima Creates a blue orb at the marked location, which expands and deal continuous damage to enemies within.
. - Stunlock enemies, to force them inside the Ultima field.
100px A Rift Influence Whenever Ilua casts a spell she produces a Neukhia Wisp at the centre of the effectual area of the spell. If she hits an enemy with a spell while within the range of the Wisp it flings an orb of dark fire at the enemy dealing extra damage. Wisps do not attack on the spell they are created on.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Time Blade Wide slash in a crescent in front of Ilua, briefly stops enemies hit and inflicts them with a debuff that increases the stop duration of future Time Blades.
2 Saber Passive: Increases Ilua's attack damage.

Ilua's next attack deals increased damage and slows the target.

3 Dimensional Rift Creates a very large AoE around Ilua, while Ilua is within it she steals the movement speed of nearby enemies more the closer they are to her. While within the area of Dimensional Rift all spells landed will proc all Neukhia Wisps regardless of range.
4 Deadly Nightshade Ilua summons Neukhia's hand which creates a pulse of magic in a line, causing all Neukhia Wisps in play then attack every target 5 times. All enemies hit are afflicted with a very brief Stop when hit by the Wisps' attacks,
Hybrid Assassin - Uses a combination of magical and physical damage and debuffs to quickly take out enemies.
100px A Strange Magicks/Prime Bard: While Hurdy moves or attacks he builds up Noise, capping at 100, using a spell consumes all current Noise to increase its effects up to 50%.

Flintlock: After using a spell or attacking, Hurdy must reload his cannon, taking 1 second.

0 Basic attack Bard: Deals non-projectile physical damage by hitting an enemy with his bell.

Flintlock: Deals long-range projectile magical damage with a cannon.

1 Requiem/Charged Attacks Bard: Exorcises a target enemy (hero or minion), if they die within a few seconds then Hurdy's defenses are raised permanently and (heroes only) their respawn timer is increased slightly.

Flintlock: For the next few seconds, Hurdy gains bonus attack speed and bonus magic damage on-hit, the reload time on Prime is also reduced to 0.25 seconds.

2 Angelsong/Ether Boost Bard: Bestows a healing effect to all nearby allies over a few seconds.

Flintlock: Hurdy's next attack can target either an ally or enemy, on allied hit, it restores MP and cures status ailments, on enemy hit, it damages their MP and blasts them away from Hurdy.

3 Critical: Vanish/Galmia Shoes Bard: Hurdy can call upon special magicks when his or an ally's HP is low, briefly rendering them or himself invisible.

Flintlock: Equip the Galmia Shoes, allowing Hurdy to move over impassable terrain to attack and support from a safe place, but consumes MP over time.

4 Job Change: Flintlock/Job Change: Bard Bard: Changes Hurdy's job to Flintlock, giving him a longer attack range and long-range offensive abilities.

Flintlock: Changes Hurdy's job to Bard, giving him more defensive stats, a shorter attack range and more defensive spells.

Support - Does supporty things.
100px A
0 Basic attack
1 Overpower Dashes in the target direction while delivering a powerful swing, knocking back the first enemy hit.
2 En Garde Takes a defensive stance, raising her physical defense. If she is hit during this time she dashes to the attacker and delivers a counterblow.
3 Take Flight The Ravager flies into the air, granting her increased movement speed, vision over walls and the ability to ignore collision with anything, taking too much damage ends it prematurely.
4 Blast Wave Slams sword into the ground, sending a blast forward that damages all enemies hit.
. -

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