Things that have a slow ATB.


Square Garnet A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Carbuncle Increases one ally or self's resistance to physical and magical damage for a short duration. If Trance is active, also casts Haste to increase their movement speed.
2 Phoenix Restores HP of all allies in marked area. If Trance is activated, also deal fire-damage to all enemies in a larger radius, and increase HP further if the character is in critical HP.
3 Odin Odin dashes forward, pushing enemies with and then deals physical damage with a wide swipe. If Trance is active, will kill any minion below half HP, and any champion below critical.
4 Trance Reduce the cooldowns of the other abilities, and give them additional effects for the duration of this ability.
Mixed Support - Can restore HP to multiple allies, and apply defensive buffs to a single. Has access to one offensive ability, and one more through the 4th ability.
Square Brahne A Eidolon Gems Brahne deal far higher damage with Summonstones than other characters, and their cooldowns are reduced.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage, using her fan.
1 Gust Brahne creates a ball of wind with her fan, blowing the foe away while dealing damage.
2 Recycle The cooldowns of Summonstones are switched; the highest are placed on the lowest and vice versa.
3 Double Summon Brahne takes the average cooldowns of all Summonstones, and places them on this ability.
4 Extract Brahne targets a foe, and over time absorbs HP and MP from them. The absorption is constant over time, and Brahne does not need to be close for it to work. If the target has more Summonstones than Brahne, she will also steal one.
Imitation Summoner. - As Brahne is not a true Summoner, she relies on Summonstones to deal real damage. Thus, her playstyle varies greatly depending on which Summons she has acquired.
Square EikoSquare Madeen A Invocation

Summoning Madeen causes Eiko to go into a trance while summoning her, and she cannot be controlled and must be protected. The second parts of Eiko's abilities are used by Madeen.

Eiko begins with the ability to use Summon Madeen at level 1 along with a point to put in another ability, Eiko uses MP for spells and Madeen uses a unique resource, Aether, that only refills while she is not in play. Madeen's skills level with points in Summon Madeen, which is levelled just like any other ultimate.

0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage with a racket.
Deals non-projectile magical damage with claws.
1 Holy Eiko creates a burst of energy that detonates after a very short time, dealing damage to enemies, for a time afterwards Madeen can be summoned from that location.
Terra Homing Madeen fires a bolt of holy energy in a line with a short cooldown, dealing damage to all enemies. Terra Homing leaves behind destroyed earth that can be ruptured with another ability, causing it to burst dealing additional damage to enemies.
2 Millennial Decay Eiko summons a nova of wind that increases allied movement speed and reduces enemy movement speed while within.
Terrestrial Rage Madeen leaps to a target location, she deals damage upon landing that briefly knocks up enemies.
3  Jewel Deals damage to a target enemy and restores some of Eiko's MP and Madeen's Aether.
Blink Madeen swaps positions with Eiko, Madeen releases a burst of holy energy that slightly damages enemies upon landing, can be used to reposition Eiko, travel long distances or escape.
4 Summon Madeen Eiko summons Madeen at either her present location or from an ally, she has a % of Eiko's stats and moves at 1.5x of her speed, 50% of damage Eiko takes is redirected to Madeen and killing her stuns Eiko for a short time.
Eiko de-summons Madeen, returning her to her moogle form and restoring her HP at a slightly accelerated rate.
Control Two Characters - Eiko is very unwieldly due to Madeen mechanics and not having many long-range spells for a long-range spellcaster but if used properly Madeen can wreak havoc on the enemies.
Square Quina A Always Cook Extra Whenever Quina helps kill an enemy, an amount of gold equal to 10% of what s/he acquired is split among nearby allies, they are also healed by a very small amount equal to a % of their max HP.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Eat Quina can devour minions and monsters below X% of their maximum HP, instantly killing them and restoring a bit of HP and MP to Quina. Can also be used against enemies to simply damage them.
0 10%(+0.5 per minion Eat kill, %30 cap) threshold.
2 Frog Drop Quina drops a frog on a target location after a short delay, stunning the enemy hit closest to the centre and slowing the rest. The damage increases with the amount of enemies that Quina has Eaten.
3 White Wind Quina heals in a wide point-blank AoE over 3 seconds, healing a flat amount plus a % of all allies' missing HP added together, increased by the amount of minions and monsters eaten. The channel can be used while moving, but Quina is slowed by 30%.
0 Heals 15+(5*Quina's Level) + 3%+(0.1 per Eat) of missing health.
4 Supreme Gourmand Quina goes into Trance, vastly increasing his/her attack range and width, allowing it to hit multiple enemies, and movement speed, making him/her immune to slows, including his/her own. Also doubles the threshold at which minions can be Eaten.

Passive: Increases the value of an eaten monster.

1 Level 4, ability unlocked. +5m attack range, 3m width. +10% movement speed. Value increased by 0.2.
2 Level 7 +7m attack range, 4m width. +20% movement speed. Value increased by 0.6.
3 Level 11 +9m attack range, 5m width. +30% movement speed. Value increased by 1.
Farming Support - Quina heals and eats everything, screw levels.

Instead of gaining points to put into skills when s/he levels up, Quina's abilities gain strength by the amount of monsters Quina has eaten over the course of the game, Quina starts with Eat at level 1, and then acquires the other two skills over the next two levels (one or the other), then there is no more skill levelling.

Square Adelbert Steiner A
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Cover Toggles a passive on. Will be consumed after the first ally is hit with a lethal hit. If Steiner is in range, he will appear in front of the ally, absorbing the blow but only taking 1/2 the damage himself.
2 Charge! Rushes through an opponent, dealing higher damage the lower the HP of nearby allies. Can be used as a movement ability.
3 Shock Jumps towards a single enemy and deals high damage. Long cooldown.
4 Blood Sword Increases Steiner's basic attack speed and range, as well as gives him a strong life steal on all moves. Long duration, long cooldown.
. - Very high defenses. Lowest movement speed in the game, but can use some abilities for movement.

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