Square Cecil Harvey A Darkness Cecil passively loses a small amount of health every second, which doesn't continue after 70% HP. His basic attacks also heal himself for a flat amount.

Cecil's abilities cost HP instead of MP.

0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage.
1 Souleater Damage all enemies in a line as a boomerang skillshot at the cost of HP, returning hit pulls enemies closer slightly.
2 Cover Cecil jumps to a nearby ally and takes 100% of damage dealt to them for a short time. During this time he will remain attached to them and cannot use any other actions.
Cease Cover Cecil deactivates the effects of Cover and dashes a short distance, automatically used at the end of Cover.
3 Descent Leap and crash down at a target location, damaging enemies and knocking away and briefly stunning the ones at the centre of the impact.
4 Strength in Light Passive: Amount healed from Darkness is increased.

Active: Cecil temporarily ascends into his Paladin job, causing his abilities to have no cost, the HP drain from Darkness disabled, any healing received from any source to be doubled, and his max HP raised by a flat amount (also effectively healing him for that much).

Tank - Able to take a lot of damage as well as protect allies.
Square Rosa A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage.
Mixed Support
Square Edward A Hastemarch Edward and allies near him gain a small amount of movement speed.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Toadsong/Requiem Enemy Cast: Turns the foe into a frog for a very short time, disabling their basic attack, all abilities, slowing them and dealing magic damage over that time.

Ally Cast: Cleanses the target ally of all current CC.

2 Salve Edward uses the potion closest to the top position of his inventory, providing him and nearby allies with the effects of it. If no potions are available then provide HP regen.
3 Hide Edward disappears like the coward he is, granting him a short-lived stealth and movement speed boost that decays over time. At the end of the stealth or when reactivated, Edward surprises the closest enemy in a small area around them, confusing them for a short time making them run around slowed.
4 Hero's Rime Plays a song for X seconds that increases the stats of Edward and all nearby allies.
Spoony Bard - Edward supports allies with little boosts and Toadsongs, but his true strength is his ability to restore MP through Salve and initiate sneak attacks with Hide.
Square Golbez A
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage.
1 Attack System Golbez fires an orb of some weird mechanical energy that flies to the target location, it acts like a turret and fires particle beams at the closest enemy, its target can be changed by Golbez autoattacking something else.
2 Pressure Golbez channels for an indefinite amount of time creating an artificial gravity field at a target location that pulls rocks and attack systems closer to it slowly, it also affects enemies with a very weak pull.
3 Quake Golbez creates a wall of rocks that burst out of the ground (targeted as a vector line) that deal damage to nearby enemies and bar passage for a short time.
4 Black Fang Summons the shadow dragon who then releases a burst of energy at the targeted location, briefly stunning and dealing damage to any enemies within. All attack systems are brought into range of the centre of the attack.
Immobile Burst Offense - Doesn't deal well with having to move to enemies in other zones or high-mobility fights, but can deal large amounts of damage when allowed to set up defences.
Square Maenad A We Are As One The Maenad establishes a telepathic connection with her team mates, and if she senses they are in danger (having taken damage in the past few seconds), she can quickly warp through space a moderate distance by issuing a simple move command to their position to aid them. They are also temporarily transformed into a clone through the vision of the enemy but still cast their own spells and can be discerned from the true Maenad quickly. This ability has a long cooldown.
0 Basic attack Deals long-ranged non-projectile physical damage with a whip.
1 Binding Glare Damages all enemies in a small cone in front of the Maenad, and stuns them if they are facing her. Also passively increases damage dealt by the Maenad's basic abilities.
2 Split The Maenad splits into two Maenads, creating a clone that deals a small percentage of the true Maenad's damage and follows her, it can be recast to create a maximum of 3 clones, but each one will only last for a set duration and must be replaced. Binding Glare will be cast from each Maenad towards the cursor and can stun but only the true Maenad's beam deals damage.
3 Mind Control The Maenad permanently converts a target enemy minion or neutral monster to her side, causing it to follow the Maenad and help her attack until she reaches a lane, when it will leave her and continue with the rest of the minion wave.
4 Mass Hallucination For a short time, the Maenad's actual form disappears and reappears to the enemy, she is seen entering their vision radius from random angles and disappearing moments later while the real one may appear occasionally. If the Maenad or one of her clones attacks an enemy they are temporarily revealed to them.
Trickster - Fairly squishy and short ranged, but can use her manipulation abilities to deceive enemies so she can get in close to defeat them.

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