Square Minwu A Endless Light Minwu's basic attacks are different from other characters.

  • They fire as a line and damage all enemies hit. Only the primary target will take full damage, secondary targets take reduced damage.
  • His attack speed and bonuses thereof are much lower than other characters.
  • Wind-up time for attacks is slightly longer than normal.
  • His attacks factor in a higher portion of his attack and spell damage.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage. Fires as a line skillshot and can be avoided.
1 Aura For X seconds (a very short duration), Minwu's attacks gain range, width and speed.
2 Life Minwu sends a tether forward, if it strikes a wall it creates a long-lasting well that, while Minwu is within range, generates a shield for him. It can be destroyed by enemy basic attacks.
3 Sacrifice Minwu dies and becomes a spirit, gaining increased movement speed, slightly increased damage, and the ability to move through units, but he is more susceptible to damage during this time. The amount of time spent in this form, and actions performed, drain Minwu's HP.
4 Shatter Minwu forces his life force upon a target enemy, channelling over 3 seconds. During this time they are slowed by 99% (added multiplicatively), and are bombarded by Minwu's basic attacks, the amount depending on Minwu's attack speed. All attacks made during this time shred a percentage of the target's resistances for Minwu's attacks only, but cannot advance into negative amounts. Any enemies hit by Minwu's attacks will take the same damage but have no effect on their resistances. Minwu is also locked in place while channelling, and will immediately cancel the channel if the target leaves his attack range.
something - overloaded kit yaaay
Square Maria A Mind Sap Maria's arrows carry magical residue, causing her basic attacks to drain a tiny amount of HP and MP from the target over 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile physical damage.
1 Fire Arrow Fires an arrow imbued with fire in a targeted direction, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits and dealing 60% damage to all minions in the way. Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of this ability.
2 Tunnel Vision Focuses on the targeted enemy for 3 seconds or until they leave range, during this time Maria can only hit them with basic attacks but they take additional damage. Also causes Fire Arrow and Level XVI Flare to become targetable abilities on the enemy, but they can still dodge them.
3 Teleport Warps to a nearby location, can alternatively be used on an enemy to warp them a short distance away from Maria.
4 Level XVI Flare After a short windup time, Maria fires a massive blast of energy that travels across the entire map, exploding at the first enemy player hit, dealing damage in a large AoE.
Ranged DPS - Deals large amount of constant damage from a range, but very weak in melee combat.

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