Square Chocobo A
0 Basic attack .
1 Choco Cure Restores minor HP to self and all allies in proximity.
2 .
3 Choco Meteor A meteor falls from the sky to the selected area and explodes upon impact.
4 Fat Chocobo The chocobo eats Ghysahl Greens until it grows fat and huge, for a temporary duration. While it is this size, it takes reduced damage, zero knockback, stuns or flinches, and deals increased damage. Slows has no effect, as it is already slower than before. Choco Meteor also launches the chocobo itself rather than a meteor.
. - .
Square Shinryu A Magic Eater Dealing damage to an enemy with spells increases the power of Shinryu's spells on them for a few seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage.
1 Ultima Discord Releases a burst of elemental energy at a target location, dealing damage to all enemies within, it factors in a small portion of their attack and magic power in its damage.
2 Ultima Flare Creates an orb of pure energy at a target location, it remains until an enemy approaches it, when it explodes, stunning them and dealing damage. Up to 3 can be active at one time. Long recharge time but can hold up to 2 charges with a short recast.
3 Ultima Curse Creates a zone of negative energy, enemies inside take periodic magic damage and are slowed.
4 Ultima Apocalypse Begins channelling, creating a storm of destruction in a target area that deals a large amount of magic damage over a few seconds.
Area-Burst Offense - Next to no mobility, but dishes out large amounts of damage at a long range.
Square Tiamat A Decentralized Neural Focus Tiamats other heads occasionally strike out at nearby enemies dealing a portion of attack damage. In addition, upon death Tiamat splits into two smaller, uncontrollable dragonspawn that move very fast and melee attack the closest enemies until death.
0 Basic attack Deals projectile magical damage in the form of a lightning bolt.
1 Pressured Gland Release Lashes out at up to 3 of the closest enemies in a cone, dealing physical damage and briefly slowing them. For every enemy hit, one of Tiamat's heads snaps off and attacks them for a few seconds before it dies. Her heads regrow fairly quickly. The heads deal non-projectile physical damage.
2 Hive Mind Emulation Temporarily focuses on a target enemy, causing heads to always strike them, all summoned monsters to focus them and increasing total damage dealt to them by Tiamat and summons.
3 Accelerated Spawn Lays eggs that quickly hatch into small dragonspawn that attack nearby enemies, prioritizing other players. Their attacks deal mid-ranged projectile physical damage.
4 High-Power Nervous Emission Summons a dragon to Tiamat's current position who helps her defend or attack enemies for 15 seconds or until it dies. Its attacks deal splash projectile magic damage.
Commander - In addition to attacking by herself, also uses a plethora of summons to aid her.
Square Bahamut A Ominous Presence Bahamut spooks enemies he is nearby, stealing a small portion of their resistances.
0 Basic attack Deals non-projectile physical damage, long windup time.
1 Megaflare Begins a channel, can move, albeit slower, while channelling, but no other actions. Upon releasing, fires a flare towards the cursor dealing damage to all enemies based on how much time was spent channelling. Enemies at the centre of the blast are knocked away slightly.
2 Tempest Summons a storm at the target location that tracks any nearby enemies slowly and deals periodic damage, while Bahamut is inside the storm he gains bonus resistances.
3 Primal Chant Releases a pulse of energy in a targeted area that deals damage and slows enemies, part of the damage dealt is returned as a shield for Bahamut.
4 Red Moon For 1 second Bahamut is immune to all damage but is also pacified and slowed by 90%, for 5 seconds afterwards, character size and the size of all abilities are increased by 25%, while granting Bahamut bonus resistances and HP regeneration.
Juggernaut - Passable damage, low crowd control ability, but ridiculously hard to kill.

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