Final MOBAntasy, the latest cashgrabber to make up for the many, many mistakes of the past. Which is of a genre ain't no nobody knows -0 things about, but the concept is still interesting enough.

You know what they say, every man creates what he dreads most.

White people dreads.


The gameplay is titled Vanilla Mild due to its simplicity and non-hardcoreness. More like have the good time easy time.

madge proceeds to add more complicated shit.

PS4?? Split-screen?? 4p??

remember that cross-platforming can't be a thing, MOBAs don't like that

Damage = Cash DollarEdit

Upon a foe's death, gil is rewarded to each participant of the offending party, equivalent to the percentage of damage dealt. Thus, last-hitting ain't a thing and skill required is 0.


Summonstones are the only other activated abilities the player can get their hands on. Heavy cooldown on them, but they stay in the inventory.


Final FantasyEdit

Square Chocobo Square Shinryu Square Tiamat Square Bahamut

Final Fantasy IEdit

Square Matoya Square Chaos

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Square Minwu Square Maria

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Square Cecil Harvey Square Rosa Square Edward Square Golbez Square Maenad

Final Fantasy VEdit

Square Faris Square Bartz Klauser Square Krile

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Square Setzer Gabbiani Square Celes Chere Square Locke Cole Square Kefka Palazzo

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Square Cloud Strife Square Aerith Gainsborough Square Cid Highwind 50x50px Square Barret Wallace Square Tifa Lockhart Square Red XIII

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Square Zell Dincht Square Irvine Kinneas Square Selphie Square Edea

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Square Garnet Square Brahne Square Eiko Square Quina Square Adelbert Steiner

Final Fantasy XEdit

Square Wakka Square Lulu Square Paine

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Square Ashe Square Basch fon Ronsenburg Square Fran

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Oerba Yun Fang Square Sazh Katzroy Square Jihl Nabaat Square Cid Raines 50x50px

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Square Mog Square Hope Estheim

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Lightning

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Square Cid nan Garlond Square Minfilia

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Square Stella Nox Fleuret

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Square Ramza Beoulve

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

Bravely DefaultEdit

Square Edea Lee


Square Phoenix Flames of Rebirth Upon death, resurrects the user with 1/5 of their max HP, extremely long cooldown.
Square Seraph Angel Feathers Restores HP to self and all allies in proximity. No targeting.
Square Quetzalli Sonic Dive Summoner dashes in a given direction, deals a small amount of damage in a small area at the end of the dash.
Square Crusader Cleansing Deals high damage to a target enemy, but also deals equal damage to the summoner.
Square Fenrir Howling Moon Turns the caster into an ethereal form, slowing them slightly but also highly reducing damage taken for a few seconds.
Square Shiva Diamond Dust Deals magical ice-damage and stops the foes for a short duration. Wide but low-ranged, with heavy cooldown.


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