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Noctis getting bored waiting for Versus

Final Fantasy XV, also know as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Vapoware XIII, and Emo Fantasy XV, is a game that Nomura is directing. It will be finished in... we don't know actually. Please wait a little longer.

It's the worst Final Fantasy game ever, with the black and grey setting, the emo protagonist, and the button mashing gameplay from Kingdom Hearts series.

Fanboys and White KnightsEdit

Final Fantasy XV has the worst and retardest fanboys of all-time. FFXV fans are the same group of people who like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. They can't deal with different opinions about FFXV and will complain about how people complain about the game.

They also believe that FFXV will be the best game ever made and will surpass FFVII (another proof that they're retarded).

They bought Final Fantasy Type-0 just because they want FFXV demo and they think that Type-0 is not a good game.

Their average IQ is 25 (about 5 times lower than chimpanzees).