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"A Final Fantasy based on Final Fantasy, because I cannot just stand still and watch my beloved JRPG series die in front of my own eyes."

Final Fantasy Versus XV is a fanmade game, being directed by Romangelo. He will use RPG Maker to create this game as a counterpart of Final Fantasy XV, if he's not being too lazy. The script for the game will be based off the leaks found here:

Basic ConceptsEdit

  • This game will use Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology.
  • Lightning is the goddess of that mythology so she will appear in the game as an important supporting character, giving the superhuman power to the protagonists.
  • Motomu Toriyama will appears as the highest god of FNC. He'll return from his crystal stasis and try to defeat the goddess Nomura in order to make Final Fantasy good again.
  • Stella Nox Flueret is the lead protagonist.
  • The party will be all females.
  • The party will be branded Toriyama l'Cie.
  • Turn-based battle system.
  • Kingdom Hearts characters will make a cameo appearance as enemies and they'll get their ass kicked.
  • Female characters will play strong roles in the story, they can fight, they can be strong, smart, powerful, and beautiful at the same time.


Playable CharactersEdit


  • Sakaguchi - The former highest god of the FF universe, got expelled from SElympus after the Spirits Within flop.
  • Toriyama - The god of time and space.
  • Nomura - The goddess of darkness, belts, and zippers. The main antagonist.
  • Tabata - The god of diseases. Another antagonist.
  • Lightning - The goddess who create the Earth. The right hand of Toriyama.



  • Romulus and Remus - Mysterious twin demigods.


Three years ago, the God Toriyama was betrayed by his fellow deities: Nomura and Tabata who forced him to enter his crystal stasis. They took the power to delete and create the Final Fantasy universe from Toriyama and start destroying everything. Lightning, the right hand woman of Toriyama gives the power to Stella and the other three women by branding them Toriyama l'Cie. Lightning also gives them a Focus to defeat the two corrupted Gods and save the Final Fantasy universe.

Production CreditsEdit

  • Producer - Romangelo
  • Director - Romangelo
  • Writer - Romangelo
  • Artist - Romangelo
  • Programmer - Romangelo


FFvsXV Serah Toriyama l'Cie
Imginfo-iconConcept of Toriyama l'Cie Serah Farron.
FFvsXV Stella Super l'Cie
Imginfo-iconConcept of Super l'Cie Stella, her hairs turn pink and she becomes stronger than her normal l'Cie form.