Square Zack

Zack Fair is the main protagonist from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Zack plays in an unique manner in that most of his attacks move quickly and has great range, but has a notably high startlag. To counter this, however, the strongest moves inflict heavy stun to make combos easier to maintain. <youtube>{{{VideoURL|{{{1|}}}}}}</youtube>



Ability Hit Effect T E D K


Ability Hit Effect T E D K

Synchro DriveEdit

Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Chain Slash Spins three slots with numbers ranging from 1 to 7. Zack will then proceed to attack a nearby opponent with Chain Slash. The higher the numbers on the slot, the stronger Chain Slash gets. Each number rolled on the slot activates a different effect, and it is thus possible to have 3 different effects active at once. Multiples of the same number increases final effect duration.
7 Greatly increases attack power under the duration of Chain Slash.
6 Inflicts Critical.
5 Inflicts Bravery and Faith.
4 Zack receives a random Summonstone. More 4's increases the chance of a greater Summon.
3 Zack becomes temporarily invulnerable to physical attacks. Inflicts Bravery.
2 Zack becomes temporarily invulnerable to magical attacks. Inflicts Faith.
1 Zack will become temporarily invincible after Chain Slash ends. Inflicts Protect and Shell.
Connecting with fully-charged abilities.


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