Square Y'shtola

Y'shtola is a Seeker of the Sun and one of the main characters of the Limsa Lominsa storyline


VoicePen Edit

File:Voice Y'shtola.ogg

StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight C
Jump height C
Fall speed C
Run speed D
Additional jumps 0
MovesetPen Edit

Y'shtola is highly proficient versus mainly ranged characters as she deflects their abilities with ease and heals any amounts of damage they might get in.

Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Benediction Instantly restores all HP of Y'shtola or a party member, but renders them slightly more vulnerable to knockback for a short time.

QuotesPen Edit

EncountersPen Edit
— Final Fantasy Smash/

AffiliationsPen Edit

[[File:|75x75px|left]] Final Fantasy Smash/ text

GalleryPen Edit

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