Square TwilightOdin
Full TwilightOdin

TwilightOdin is thought to be a weeaboo by a lot of people. Also, he likes kawaii bizness.


StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight B
Jump height C
Fall speed D
Run speed C
Additional jumps 1
MovesetPen Edit

Twodin fights using a candy cane that shoots rainbows. He has both close- and long-range attacks.

Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Caster Sugar Twodin spins around, tossing candies at enemies around him in a large area and inflicting heavy damage. Nearby enemies are forced to consume large amounts of the candy, causing them to become fatigued and inflicting Lightning Saga Slow. Using Ⓑ abilities.
SpecialPen Edit
Special Effect
Twodin throws his candy cane in the air, but fails to catch it.
Twodin brushes his teeth.
Nyan Cat comes and spins around Twodin.
much candy such rainbows wow
QuotesPen Edit
Square TwilightOdin I like the taste of kawaii rainbows. Do you like the taste of kawaii rainbows?
— Kawaii rainbows are best rainbows

EncountersPen Edit
Square TwilightOdin I've got just the treat for you!
Square LightningPooh Botch plox.
— Pooh
Square TwilightOdin i herd u liek candy canes
Square dils #pervlieber
— dils
Square TwilightOdin Aw so cute little boys like candy
Square SirMajestica omg get away pedo
— Marge
Square TwilightOdin Kawaii fox is kawaii~
Icey! ~
— Sunshine

AffiliationsPen Edit
Square SirMajestica

Neutral; he's evil, but he's also a smooth-talker (*´▽`*).

Square Pooh

Ally; we can twerk our way to victory (。’▽’。)♡

Square dils

Ally; the Fang to my Vanille (´ε` )♡


Ally; there wouldn't be any rainbows without Sunshine (~˘▾˘)~

Square AshyNuts

Neutral; it all comes down to benefits (」・ω・)」

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