An acquired Summonstone is shown under the character icon next to the Synchro Drive gauge. Upon pressing A+B, the character performs the summon animation and the effect(s) are applied. Lower-tier summonstones can be equipped at the start of a battle, only one. More summonstones will spawn on the map, appearing as a ruby crystal that can be picked up, there are more chances of it being lower-tier than higher-tier. One character can be in possession of up to three summonstones at a time, retrieving anymore causes the third slot to be kicked out to make room.

Summon Ability Effect
Shiva Flash Freeze Inflicts ice-damage to all nearby foes. May stun opponents of higher percentages.
Moogle Mog Madness Restores % of the user and nearby allies. May inflict Regen on user.
Chocobo Chocobo Chance Deals a random amount of damage to one opponent. May crush the center of the stage with Fat Chocobo.
Odin Destroyer Edge Strong sword slash against a single foe. May instantly KO regardless of %.
Ragnarok War's Bounty Spawns 3-6 random items around the user.
Phoenix Sun's Embrace Fire-elemental damage in a pillar around the user. Adds one more life to the user should they die, automatically resurrects the user with 12.5% max HP in an HP battle.
Leviathan Flood Warning Submerges the lower half of the stage in a wave of water, dealing many hits of damage to all foes.
Carbuncle Fluorescent Gem Casts either Protect, Shell or Haste on the summoner and their party.
Anima Countdown to Oblivion Crushes an area around the summoner with her hands, moderate damage to all enemies caught, and Pain to enemies with higher percentages.
Siren Tides of Desire Magical soundwaves around the summoner that deal moderate damage. May Silence foes at higher percentages.
Zalera Hell's Sentence Deals Dark-elemental damage to all opponents, with a chance to instantly kill enemies who's percentage is a multiple of five.
Alexander Heaven's Sanction Deals Holy-elemental damage to all opponents, with a moderate chance to to inflict Deprotect or Deshell. Or both.

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