Square SirMajestica

SirMajestica is an antagonist from Real Life. He is the #1 threat to humanity's survival, f'reals. Has a major need to turn Urf into a kpop music video and that is a no-no to most-if not all-residents of Urf.


StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight D
Jump height C
Fall speed D
Run speed B
Additional jumps 1
MovesetPen Edit

Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Natural combo.
1 Kicks in front.
2 Slash in front with his dagger.
3 Shoot an arrow.
Warps a short distance ahead, then stabs behind with a dagger, good for evading attacks.
Draws back an arrow and fires it, speed, damage flight time will increase by charging.
Draws back an arrow and fires it upwards, speed, damage flight time will increase by charging.
Kicks in front, fixed vertical knockback and good for beginning combos.
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Lunatic Fury Begins drawing back bow, slowing movement speed, the bow grows in size with limbs popping out of the side to extend it over a maximum of 5 seconds, at the end when fired it deals massive damage and has the potential to OHKO weaker characters, if it hits, of course.
Amber Buster Dashes forward, if an enemy is hit they are briefly stunned while Madge backflips backwards and then fires an arrow into them, knocking them back.
Crystal Arrow Fires a crystalline arrow on a wide arcing angle above Madge, upon striking an enemy it deals damage and passes through them, but when hitting a surface it explodes knocking back nearby enemies and SirMajestica instantly teleports to that location.
Flaming Arrow Fires an arrow downwards on an angle, if it hits an enemy it will set them on fire dealing damage over a few seconds or if it hits a platform the fire will spread out to cover a set area, dealing periodic damage to all enemies who enter.
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Armageddon Sets the sky on fire with a large arrow sent upwards, raining assorted volcanic and chaotic debris upon the battlefield. Ends with a massive arrow appearing at any point above the stage going on any angle flying downwards. Upon striking an enemy or platform it explodes into ice restoring the overall appearance of the stage and freezing and launching any enemies nearby. Landing abilities on enemies from a distance, fully charged Lunatic Furies will fill it at 3x of the normal rate.
SpecialPen Edit
Special Effect
Fires an arrow upwards, then cowers out of the way as it hits the ground near him.
Draws back an arrow precariously, but the bow snaps and the arrow goes flying in a random direction, he cowers but then picks up the bow.
Jumps and spins around then throws hands in air a few times.
QuotesPen Edit
Square SirMajestica I've had it with these monkey-fighting trolls on this Monday-to-Friday board!
— dis vocab wow
— making jabberwocks come true.

EncountersPen Edit
Square SirMajestica Weeeeave
Square LightningPooh HNNNGGARU
— Pooh
Square SirMajestica It is the beginning of the end of the middle of the end of urf!
Square dils wat
— dils
Icey! O...kay?
— Frosty

AffiliationsPen Edit
Square dils

Sworn Enemy, seeks to destroy Urf.

Square Pooh

Confusing, the weave battles tho.

Square TwilightOdin

Ally, Twodin is friends with everyone!

Square AshyNuts


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