Square Orphan

Orphan is the final boss of Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy Smash/Orphan/Music
StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
HP (Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII) 30,000
MovesetPen Edit

Orphan is stationary during the entire battle, meaning the opponent may simply keep a safe distance if they have projectiles in their artillery. However, Orphan will adapt its attacks based on the distance of the foe, and will always target the aggressor of the group.

AbilitiesPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Block Only applied when the opponent uses close-range abilities. Decreases the damage taken, but recuces the block gauge all the same. If the block gauge is depleted, Orphan is Staggered, changing its form and greatly reduces defenses.
Finale Drive Effect Increment
Necrosis Inflicts Lightning Saga Pain and Lightning Saga Fog on the target.
QuotesPen Edit

EncountersPen Edit
Orphan You overreach yourselves.
— Any

AffiliationsPen Edit

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