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Lumina is an antagonist from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Lumina's Theme
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Jump height
Fall speed
Run speed
Additional jumps 1
MovesetPen Edit

TraitsPen Edit
Trait Effect
Timing If Lumina uses an additional Ⓐ ability as the initial Ⓐ connects, the damage of the secondary move is increased by 1.2, and its startup lag is slightly decreased.
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Natural combo.
1 Left-hand swipe. XIII Physical
2 Right-hand swipe. XIII Physical
Spin. XIII Physical
Ω Strong swipe out of the spin. XIII Physical
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Swordbreaker Lumina uses electricity that may inflict Lightning Saga Debrave. Cannot be stored.
Uncharged Lumina's hand is electrified with red lightning that may inflict Lightning Saga Debrave.(0 ⇨ 20%)(5 ⇨ 80%)*
Semi-charged Lumina releases a short-reaching bolt of red lightning that may inflict Lightning Saga Debrave.(0 ⇨ 15%)(5 ⇨ 60%)*
Charged Lumina unleashes a bolt of red lightning that may inflict Lightning Saga Debrave.(0 ⇨ 10%)(5 ⇨ 40%)*
Chaos Infusion Ⓑ⇨ Unleashes a burst of Chaos from her hand in the form of a tiny cloud that deals continuous damage, with a chance of inflicting Lightning Saga Poison upon sweetspot.(0 → 100%)(100 → 10%)*
Ⓑ⇨ Tilt The Chaos remains in place, but expands slightly over time.
Ⓑ► Tap The Chaos travels slowly to the side, but doesn't expand.
Chaos Portal Ⓑ⇧ Creates a small Chaos orb, that Lumina can move by will. Lumina may then position the sphere anywhere she wishes. However, the move has a time limit before it is executed automatically, albeit long, and any ability dealing sufficient knockback will cancel the effect.

By releasing Ⓑ, the orb expands into a gate, she creates a second one behind her and warps through it to the first. Any opponent touching the sphere as it expands is damaged, giving Lumina a chance to react to possible assailants upon her appearance.

Ⓑ°⇧ Midair Lumina remains static in the air.
Ⓑ_⇧ Ground The move is much faster albeit shorter reaching, due to the player being in a vulnerable position.
Summon Ⓑ⇩ Lumina charges up and summons a monster depending on the time spent charging. Pressing Ⓑ⇩ with a summon present instantly dismisses it.
Niblet Ⓑ⇩ 25% charged Lumina summons a single Niblet.
Niblets Ⓑ⇩ 50% charged Lumina summons 3 Niblets.
Anubis Ⓑ⇩ 75% charged Lumina summons an Anubis.
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
[ Crimson Blitz] Creates a giant cloud of red lightning along with two Anubis at either side of her, the storm grows over time and enemies who enter take periodic damage, heavy Lightning Saga Slow and have the Anubis drawn to them. The Anubis summoned cannot be dispelled with Ⓑ⇩ and do not function as a part of her normal summons. Dealing damage with Anubis.
SpecialPen Edit
Special Effect
Shut up, Hope
The dialogue boxes for all opponents are temporarily greyed out.

GalleryPen Edit

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