Square LightningPooh

LightningPooh is an antagonist from Real Life, who is so inferior to MissMajectica in every way that it hurts.


StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight C
Jump height A
Fall speed A
Run speed A
Additional jumps 0
MovesetPen Edit

Pooh revolves around using his fabulous wig to execute abilities, however, him taking damage causes it to deteriorate more and more, severely reducing his damage output. It does regenerate over time, though.

TraitsPen Edit
Trait Effect
Wig of Wonders As long as Pooh isn't receiving damage, his wig slowly increases in strength, up to a maximum of dealing 1.5 times the damage. However, being hit reverses this, to a minimum of dealing 0.75 times the damage. The wig then begins regaining strength and cannot be reversed until reaching at least 1.0.
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Natural combo.
1 Slaps the foe from the left with the wig. XIII Physical Bubblegum
2 Slaps the foe upwards with the wig, knocking them airborne. XIII Physical Bubblegum
1 The wig forms a spear-like shape, stabbing the foe in front. XIII Physical Bubblegum
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
1 XIII Physical Bubblegum
G-Force Ⓑ⇨ Hair spins with such force that it carries Pooh in the direction pressed, if it is tapped rapidly it causes him to rise and he will move in the direction currently held. Dealing periodic damage to nearby enemies.
Ⓑ⇨ 1 XIII Physical Bubblegum
Whiplash Ⓑ⇧ Whips hair on a diagonal angle, if it hits a ledge he instantly flips back on to the surface, dealing damage to any enemies caught in the wide arc. Losing hair causes all elements of the ability to be reduced.
Ⓑ⇧ 1 XIII Physical Bubblegum
TLC Ⓑ⇩ Pooh brushes out his wig, causing it to regenerate much faster, this ability will have no effect if used with a full head of hair. Long start-up lag and ending lag.
Ⓑ⇩ 1
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
tba tba tba

AffiliationsPen Edit
Square dils

'Ally', is pulling the strings behind the whoooole operation.

Square SirMajestica

Enemy, is the only thing between him and world bootynation.

Square TwilightOdin

Ally, Twodin has no enemies!

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