Square Edea Lee

Edea Lee is the perf of Bravely Default.


StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight B
Jump height C
Fall speed B
Run speed C
Additional jumps 0
MovesetPen Edit

Edea gets most of her moves from the Knight, Valkyrie, Swordmaster and Templar jobs.

Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Stomp Ⓐ⇨ Deals heavy damage, but inflicts self with Deprotect.
Ⓐ⇨ 1
Shield Strike Ⓐ⇩ Deals moderate damage, and inflicts self with Protect if the hit connected.
Ⓐ⇩ 1
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Giant Slayer Deals greater damage the higher the opponent's HP is compared to Edea's.
Radiant Blast Ⓑ⇨ Moderatly long-reaching blast that ignores blocks and counters. Massive shield damage.
Ⓑ⇨ Tilt
Jump Ⓑ⇧
Jump Ⓑ°⇧ Midair
Super Jump Ⓑ_⇧ Ground
Know Thine Enemy Ⓑ⇩ Counters an attack with heavy armor. Receives a boost in both damage and frames when Edea is critically injured.
Know Thine Enemy Ⓑ⇩
The Worm Turns Ⓑ⇩
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
[ Spirit Barrier] Edea becomes impervious to damage and knockback, with the Synchro Drive bar being depleted instead.

QuotesPen Edit
Square Edea Lee

EncountersPen Edit
Square Edea Lee
Bravely Default - Agnès Oblige Square
— Agnes

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