Square Dr. Cid

Cidolfus Demen Bunansa is an antagonist from Final Fantasy XII.


StatsPen Edit
Stat Grade
Weight B
Jump height E
Fall speed C
Run speed
Additional jumps 0
MovesetPen Edit

Cid's moveset relies on keeping the opponent at a safe distance by knocking them away or using deflecting maneuvers to avoid receiving too much damage.

Ability Hit Effect T E D K
Ability Hit Effect T E D K
ContextualPen Edit
Ability Effect T E D K
Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
[ Dusk Shard] Unleashes the stored Mist within the deifacted nethicite in the form of a flaming cloud of energy. Deals greater damage the closer the target was to the center. Dealing damage whilst avoiding getting hit. The greater Dr. Cid's % is compared to the opponent's, the greater the increase.

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