Aside from the standard roster, the player can create and customize a character. The moveset and sprites are based on Final Fantasy jobs, but the player can mix between them freely.


Sprite Inspiration
Custom Custom
Black Mage Black Mage
White Mage White Mage
Knight Knight
Thief Thief
Dragoon Dragoon


A movesEdit

A moves are based on sprite? Unless customizable? Only Smashes customizable? Can pick a "set" of moves?

B movesEdit


Move Effect Inspiration
Fire Fires a ball of fire that arches down. Charge, but not store, to increase size and range, and explosion radius on impact. Black Mage
Blizzard A chunk of ice explodes from palms, freezing on sweetspot. Charge, but not store, to increase size and range. Black Mage
Thunder Shoots a quick lightning bolt forward. Charge, but not store, to increase range. Black Mage
Lancet Stabs the foe with a spear. If the hit sweetspots, restore 50% of the damage dealt to user's HP. Dragoon
Shield Bash Bashes with a shield. High heavy armor, but low range. Knight
Heavy Slash Strong strike. Moderate startup lag and heavy end lag. Knight
Light Slash Natural combo. Each strike is extremely quick but deals low damage. Endlag only when ending or switching moves. Thief


Move Effect Inspiration
Leaping Strike Leaps forward and strikes. If it hits, backflips back again. Thief


Move Effect Inspiration
Escape Rope Throws out a rope with a knife tied to the end. Aimable in any direction, that deals decent damage only on sweetspot, otherwise nothing. If it hits close to a ledge it will automatically latch on and pull the character up. If it hits a wall it will pull the chwracter close for a wall jump. Thief


Move Effect Inspiration
Crossbow Fires off an arrow straight forward. Can be used consecutively up to 3 times, after which it will have increased endlag. Thief

Limit BreaksEdit

Move Effect Bonus Inspiration
Holy Creates a pillar of light in front of the character, that prevents enemies from escaping and dealing continous damage. White Mage
Ultima Creates an orb of energy in front of the character, that expands and deals continous damage. Black Mage
Godspeed Strike Traps a nearby opponent and inflicts multiple quick, powerful strikes. Thief
Super Jump Jumps high into the air, and vanishes. The player can then freely reposition the character on where to land. By pressing B or waiting until the time is up, the character falls down quickly, and deals damage in an explosion with a great radius. Dragoon

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