Unlike the actual Smash series, characters are unable to dodge attacks (unless their movesets allow them), and instead have a constant block gauge that is able to activate both mid-air and on the ground. However, blocking mid-air depletes the gauge twice as quick (Shield (FFS)->Midair Shield (FFS)). When the block gauge is depleted, characters are inflicted with Template:Icon/Daze.

The shield is activated and removed without any lag frames. So unless the player is hit and thus enters shield stun, the shield can be toggled on and off on a single frame each.

Perfect guarding is deploying the shield a frame before anything hits. Perfect shielding an attack causes it to deal no damage, and the user cannot be inflicted with shield stun as long as the shield is held (Hit Stun (FFS)->No Stun (FFS)).

Similarly, smashing the stick in a direction (it cannot be held) whilst blocking an attack allows the user to influence the characters speed in said direction, based on the offending attack's knockback. Normally, the grounded blocking character stays mostly still while being hit, only gliding slightly horizontally. By timing the stick (about 2-3 frames before being hit), the character can gain far greater speed to get out of combos.


Characters with Counters can only use them by Perfect Guarding and then press B.

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