Square AshyNuts
I can't stop laughing.

AshyNuts is a something-agonist from the wonderful land of Biblocks, land of earth and buildings and shunsine and rainbows. Is also out to kill dils-d for murdering her father and sister in relatively lukewarm blood.


Ashy is the ultimate fire spammer warrior! Unlike these other original character basic bitches, Ashy summons other characters as well as spams fire magic to destroy her opponents. Her Ⓐ button governs the summons. Tap the button in intervals for maximum damage but at the same time, the lack of rhythm will cause the button to jam and will leave you defenseless. Her Ⓑ button governs her fire magic and needs to be held to be used properly; now obviously this will leave Ashy defenseless, so obviously you have to make sure your opponent is in a comprising position.


Ability Hit Effect T E D K


Ability Hit Effect T E D K

Synchro DriveEdit

Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Receipts Attacks with proof for my inside sources as well as the destruction Claire has revaged on SE. Butthurt


Square AshyNuts I'm the HBIC keeping YOU dafuq informed.
— martyr of the ff fanbase

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