Square Adelle

Adelle is a protagonist from Final Fantasy Tactics A2. <youtube>{{{VideoURL|{{{1|}}}}}}</youtube>



Ability Hit Effect T E D K


Ability Hit Effect T E D K

Synchro DriveEdit

Synchro Drive Effect Bonus
Opportunity Turn Adelle flashes white for a second, then she will use one of the following depending on her location in relation to other characters:

Nobody Close: Tough as Nails! Casts Protect and Shell on Adelle.

Enemies: Frenzy! Teleports around all nearby enemies, delivering seven powerful hits to random targets around her.

Allies: Tougher than Nails! Casts Bravery, Faith, and restores a moderate amount of HP to all allies.

Mixture of Allies and Enemies: Gifted One Gradually heals HP of Adelle and nearby allies for a short time, and deals minor damage to enemies, but extremely high knockback.

Stealing HP and Countering Attacks.



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