Because dils sporadically has much too little to do, here are his thoughts on a Final Fantasy Smash fangame he would eventually like to make. Ugh.


Also SirMajestica, because he's just a swell fellow, ain't he?
He really should be locked from editing this page more than once a day.
No, he should be forced to make more.
If you insist, o master.

Also TwOdin seems to be onboard, somewhat. At least when his favorites are in focus, biased *****.


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Final Fantasy IEdit

Square White Mage
White Mage

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Square Onion Knight
Onion Knight

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Square Rydia
Square Edge

Final Fantasy VEdit

Square Faris

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Square Celes Chere
Square Sabin Rene Figaro

Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Square Cid Highwind
Square Vincent Valentine

Crisis Core: -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Square Zack
Square Genesis Rhapsodos

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Square Squall Leonhart
Square Angelo
Square Adel

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Square Zidane
Square Vivi
Square Adelbert Steiner

Final Fantasy X'sEdit

Final Fantasy XEdit

Square Auron
Square Yuna

Ivalice AllianceEdit

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Square Ashe
Square Balthier
Square Penelo
Square Dr. Cid
Dr. Cid
Square Basch fon Ronsenburg

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Square Ramza
Square Wiegraf Folles

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Square Queen Remedi

Final Fantasy Tactics A2Edit

Square Adelle

Lightning SagaEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Lightning
Square Oerba Yun Fang
Square Vanille
Square Hope Estheim
Square Barthandelus

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Square Serah Farron
Square Paddra Nsu-Yeul
Square Caius Ballad

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Lumina
Square Bhunivelze

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Square Y'shtola

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Square Noctis Lucis Caelum
Square Stella Nox Fleuret

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Square Rem

Bravely DefaultEdit

Bravely Default - Agnès Oblige Square
Square Edea Lee


Square SirMajestica
Square dils
Square LightningPooh
Square AshyNuts
Square TwilightOdin
Square Iightningz
Square Elice Carol


Alpha- and Omega-variationsEdit

Most (all?) stages have α & Ω variants that can be toggled in the stage selection screen. Because of this, the standard Battlefield and Final Destination-stages from the Smash series do not appear.


Tournament legality: <youtube>{{{VideoURL|{{{1|}}}}}}</youtube>

The default setting for stages. The layout and events of the stage is unique to each stage.


α tournament legality: Usually

Alpha stages have three fall-through plattforms floating above the main stage in a pyramid formation. The main platform is a floating block that consists of a medium-height block of wall before it starts curving inwards on both sides.



Ω tournament legality: Always

Omega stages look similar to their alpha counterparts, but there are no platforms present and the main block is longer and slightly wider, as well as completely rectangular.


Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Square Sister Ray
Sister Ray

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Square Ragnarok
Ragnarok Exterior

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Square Cleyra

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Square Pharos at Ridorana
Pharos at Ridorana

Lightning SagaEdit

Square Ark


Square Urf Square Candy Land Flying Fortress
Urf Candy Land Misty Fortress


Level 1Edit

Square Cornelia
1-1 Cornelia
1-2 Chaos Shrine I
1-2 Chaos Shrine I
1-3 Elfheim Plains
1-4 Melmond
1-5 Mount Gulg
1-6 Citadel of Trials
1-7 Onrac Sea
1-8 Flying Fortress
1-9 Chaos Shrine II


Final Fantasy IXEdit

Square Grenade


Non-playable killing machines that can be fought solo or in a group of up to four (difficulty is scaled accordingly).

Final Fantasy XEdit

Square Penance

Lightning SagaEdit

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Orphan

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Square Aeronite


Limit BreakEdit

All characters have a Limit Break bar located under their character portraits that fills during battle, by connecting with hits (increased the higher the combo chain grows), evading or blocking (perfect guarding increases) attacks. Different characters may get different bonuses to aid completion.


An acquired Summonstone is shown under the character icon next to the Synchro Drive gauge. Upon pressing A+B, the character performs the summon animation and the effect(s) are applied. Lower-tier summonstones can be equipped at the start of a battle, only one. More summonstones will spawn on the map, appearing as a ruby crystal that can be picked up, there are more chances of it being lower-tier than higher-tier. One character can be in possession of up to three summonstones at a time, retrieving anymore causes the third slot to be kicked out to make room.

Summon Ability Effect
Shiva Flash Freeze Inflicts ice-damage to all nearby foes. May stun opponents of higher percentages.
Moogle Mog Madness Restores % of the user and nearby allies. May inflict Regen on user.
Chocobo Chocobo Chance Deals a random amount of damage to one opponent. May crush the center of the stage with Fat Chocobo.
Odin Destroyer Edge Strong sword slash against a single foe. May instantly KO regardless of %.
Ragnarok War's Bounty Spawns 3-6 random items around the user.
Phoenix Sun's Embrace Fire-elemental damage in a pillar around the user. Adds one more life to the user should they die, automatically resurrects the user with 12.5% max HP in an HP battle.
Leviathan Flood Warning Submerges the lower half of the stage in a wave of water, dealing many hits of damage to all foes.
Carbuncle Fluorescent Gem Casts either Protect, Shell or Haste on the summoner and their party.
Anima Countdown to Oblivion Crushes an area around the summoner with her hands, moderate damage to all enemies caught, and Pain to enemies with higher percentages.
Siren Tides of Desire Magical soundwaves around the summoner that deal moderate damage. May Silence foes at higher percentages.
Zalera Hell's Sentence Deals Dark-elemental damage to all opponents, with a chance to instantly kill enemies who's percentage is a multiple of five.
Alexander Heaven's Sanction Deals Holy-elemental damage to all opponents, with a moderate chance to to inflict Deprotect or Deshell. Or both.


Since there's a **** ton of characters that are too insignificant to be represented, and it doesn't make sense to have them as Summons, they appear as Assists.

Unless we want them playable, who knows? I tell you who doesn't know, Madge doesn't know, that's who doesn't know.

The above statement is false.

Now only to figure out a system for 'em...

Final Fantasy
Assist Ability Effect
Red Mage Blade Surge Dashes towards the nearest enemy, and, if he reaches them, slashes through them multiple times.
Final Fantasy V
Assist Ability Effect
Bartz Klauser Brave Blade Bartz appears next to the closest character and slashes them once. The attack deals higher damage the higher the max combo count is, as well as the combo count attained during activation.
Krile Mayer Baldesion Moogle Commander Krile commands a group of moogles to follow the summoning character for a short time, they block low priority ranged attacks and deal damage to nearby enemies.
Final Fantasy VI
Assist Ability Effect
Cyan Garamonde Eclipse After a long charge (during which the combatants may opt to flee or push other fighters closer to Cyan), Cyan jumps to the closest foe and slashes, inflicting great knockback after insane stun.
Edgar Roni Figaro Debilitator Inflicts all opponents with a random elemental weakness each*.
Setzer Gabbiani Dice Targets the nearest foe and tosses 3 di. The opponent is damage according to the resulting numbers, but no knockback is dealt.
Terra Branford Trance Applies random buffs to nearby allies every second for three seconds.
Final Fantasy VII
Assist Ability Effect
Tifa Lockhart Dolphin Blow Tifa rushes up to the closest foe and performs a strong uppercut. Also there's a dolphin.
Yuffie Kisaragi Bloodfest Throws 10 shuriken in random directions. The shuriken phases through the first immediate object if it's encountered at the startup, so she isn't rendered all useless if she's standing between something, dork.
Final Fantasy VIII
Assist Ability Effect
Seifer Almasy Zantetsuken Reverse Launches himself at the nearest opponent (but will target the one with the most/best Summonstones) and deals moderate damage, but also removes all their Summons. To prevent peeps from just using the Summons before Seifer gets to them, they cannot be activated as long as he's on the field.
Selphie Tilmitt Strange Vision Whips her nunchuk around her multiple times, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Laguna Loire Desperado Swings by the battlefield with a grappling hook, dropping grenades and firing shots at random.
Edea Kramer Ice Strike Summons three icicles that home in to random opponents.
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Assist Ability Effect
Noel Kreiss Meteor Javelin Throws four javelins towards random enemies, no homing but very fast travel time.
Snow Villiers Sovereign Fist Quickly approaches the nearest foe and smashes them downwards. Will meteor smash if airborne.
should be useless since snow is useless gawd he sucks doesnt he
Final Fantasy XIV
Assist Ability Effect
Hyur Warrior Holmgang Throws a bunch of chains towards a random enemy, if it lands the two are drawn together and the enemy cannot move for a couple of seconds or until they deal enough damage to the warrior, he has 25 HP.
Roegadyn Paladin Hallowed Ground Summons a small zone of holy ground on the nearest surface from the paladin, any allies within take no HP damage from any source while within, but take 3x knockback.
Miqo'te Bard Wanderer's Minuet The bard follows their summoner around for several seconds, periodically firing arrows at nearby enemies, the arrows' damage is amplified the longer the bard is immobile.
Lalafell White Mage Tetragrammaton The white mage channels for several seconds and then at the end transfers all her remaining life to the summoner, the white mage begins with 70 HP.
Elezen Black Mage Flare After a long charge, fires an orb of powerful fire magic towards the nearest enemy that detonates upon hitting an enemy or a surface.

Playable CharactersEdit

Playable characters can only be used as assists by characters who have some sort of relation to them. (I.E. dils can use Basch but Madge cannot use Basch.)

Final Fantasy
Assist Users Ability Effect
White Mage Onion Knight Cura After a brief charge, heals the summoner for a moderate amount. If she is hit during the channel it will be interrupted.
Final Fantasy III
Assist Users Ability Effect
Onion Knight Firaga Onion Knight throws a large orb of fire on a large arcing angle towards the closest enemy, if it manages to hit it does a large amount of damage.
Final Fantasy IV
Assist Users Ability Effect
Rydia Asura's Boon Rydia summons Asura who either provides a random buff or Regen to the closest ally.
Edge Shuriken Storm Edge gets in a ready position, then begins whipping shurikens at incredible speeds in front of him, enemies caught are briefly stunned and pushed back while they are hit.
Final Fantasy V
Assist Users Ability Effect
Faris Supreme Finisher Faris sticks her sword into the air as a powerful attack is charged. If enough damage is sustained during this time she is defeated instead. Afterwards she lashes out at all nearby enemies, jumping at one after another dealing powerful slashes.
Final Fantasy VI
Assist Users Ability Effect
Celes Runic Blade While allies are near Celes, she provides a powerful shield to them which absorbs the damage from all Ⓑ abilities, but not knockback.
Final Fantasy XII
Assist Users Ability Effect
Basch dils Cover Basch follows the summoner, and if damage is dealt to the user when Basch is close by the two's locations are switched. Basch has 100 HP, and depleting that causes him to vanish.
Final Fantasy XIII
Assist Users Ability Effect
Vanille Fang
Fang Vanille Hunter Jumps to any foe inflicted with an Lightning Saga Debuff, dealing damage according to the number of debuffs applied. However, will do nothing if no opponent is inflicted.
Assist Users Ability Effect
Madge TwOdin Total Dominion Controls and stuns a random enemy for a second, then flings them in a random direction.
Dils TwOdin Vortex Creates a blue swirl of light where he was summoned, dragging nearby opponents into it and deals continuous damage with no stun nor knockback.
TwOdin Madge Pervilicious Definition Makes the Boys Go Loco


Suggestion 1Edit

Square Lightning
Square dils Square TwilightOdin Square SirMajestica
  • The one used of the three is chosen at random.
  • The player shuffles through the three after each usage.

Suggestion 2Edit

  • The Assist attained is based on your play style, similar to how Synchro Drive bonuses work.
    • So for example Tifa would be gotten by using physical Ⓐ attacks.
  • Still being able to select only a finite number to bring into battle? So some characters play styles just align better with the Assist acquirement, for example using Tifa with a Mage-like character.


Final Fantasy
Item Effect
Potion Restores 100 HP of the user.
Hi-Potion Restores 1000 HP of the user.
X-Potion Restores all HP of the user.
Final Fantasy II
Item Effect
Remedy Removes two status ailments.
Ether Restores 25% of the Synchro Drive gauge.
Final Fantasy IV
Hi-Ether Restores 50% of the Synchro Drive gauge.
Final Fantasy VI
Turbo-Ether Restores 100% of the Synchro Drive gauge.
Final Fantasy VIII
Item Effect
Mega-Potion Restores 500 HP of all allies.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Item Effect
Mega Remedy Removes all status ailments.


Traits are passive abilities unique to each characters with varying effects, acting separately from the character's moveset; each is themed by the character's appearance in its game of origin. A character may be equipped with at most 1 trait, and the primary trait is always the one selected as default.

Example of would-be traits in the Smash series:

  • Link's Hookshot
  • Peach's floating
  • Pit's glide
  • Bowser's spikes

Dash Attack & Tilt/Smash differenceEdit

  • No longer using a dash attack when... dashing? Instead, use a tilt or a smash on the go?
  • Tilts now being Weaks, used when tapping the A button? Smashes now being Strongs, used by holding, and thus charging, the A button?
    • Can still use Smashes for both!?
      • Done in the same way as regular smashes, but with the new input in mind??
  • Ooor, two buttons, one for tilts and one for strongks.


Arena EffectEdit

The arena effect applies to large stages. It has the effect of the camera zooming in on a selected segment of the stage, and the KO lines follow. Characters never spawn all in one arena at the start of the game.

The arena effect comes into play when:

  • All characters enter the middle of the stage segment.

The arena effect is removed when:

  • A character spends a significant amount of time at the edge of the arena without sustaining damage.
  • The single alive character moves beyond the edge of the arena (if the others are respawning).


The 0 - 999% system is replaced by a much fancier 0 - 9999 HP scale with togglable damage pop-ups upon successful attacks. Oh yes.

HP measures the knockback resistance applied when attacks are received.


Unlike the OG Smash series, stun is a separate parameter of attacks, with a separate modifier parameter for blocked hits. Upon hits, a lock icon appears on the inflicted character's screen/section for the duration of the stun. If in block stun, the lock icon has a shield behind it.

Hit Stun (FFS)

Shield Stun (FFS)


Unlike the actual Smash series, characters are unable to dodge attacks (unless their movesets allow them), and instead have a constant block gauge that is able to activate both mid-air and on the ground. However, blocking mid-air depletes the gauge twice as quick (Shield (FFS)->Midair Shield (FFS)). When the block gauge is depleted, characters are inflicted with Template:Icon/Daze.

The shield is activated and removed without any lag frames. So unless the player is hit and thus enters shield stun, the shield can be toggled on and off on a single frame each.

Perfect guarding is deploying the shield a frame before anything hits. Perfect shielding an attack causes it to deal no damage, and the user cannot be inflicted with shield stun as long as the shield is held (Hit Stun (FFS)->No Stun (FFS)).

Similarly, smashing the stick in a direction (it cannot be held) whilst blocking an attack allows the user to influence the characters speed in said direction, based on the offending attack's knockback. Normally, the grounded blocking character stays mostly still while being hit, only gliding slightly horizontally. By timing the stick (about 2-3 frames before being hit), the character can gain far greater speed to get out of combos.


Characters with Counters can only use them by Perfect Guarding and then press B.


The characters are given far greater air-control by altering jump mechanics. The height of the ground jump varies greatly depending on how long the jump button is being held, despite the launch animation having already been completed. This ranges from a split-second tap resulting in a short hop, to a far greater jump height by holding the button all the way through. This height of course still varies from character to character.

Mid-air jumps can also ignore sideways momentum better, resulting in better redirection of speed. Fast fall has also been sped up, should the player hold down the stick. By jumping from ground with the stick held down, the character will automatically fast fall after the jumping animation.

By angling the control stick upon jumping, the speeds are altered to accommodate. For example, holding the stick right to run and then jump, the character will jump more angled to the right, than up as regular.


A character that touches a ledge when not in high upwards momentum, will grab onto it and automatically swing themselves up with intangibility frames enough to enter Shield before it ends (the player can hold L1 (PlayStation)/R1 (PlayStation) to automatically begin shielding on the final frame of intangibility). This also applies when the character's back is faced towards the ledge, which will cause it to use a different animation. This has the benefit of being able to get back on stage even when facing the wrong direction, but the player may not be as ready for an upcoming attack.


More or less Melee's. There's always the global physics settings, though.


Terrains are types of land that affect the players mobility passively; may also include platforms, movable or not.

Terrain Walk Jump
Feather Block Jump height from ground: x3
Fans From ground: 1.5
Mid-air: 1.5
Fall speed: 0.5


Circle (PlayStation) Attack
X (PlayStation) Special
Triangle (PlayStation) Jump
Square (PlayStation) Jump
L1 (PlayStation) Shield
R1 (PlayStation) Shield
Directional Pad Up (PlayStation) Special Up
Directional Pad Left (PlayStation) Special Left
Directional Pad Right (PlayStation) Special Right
Directional Pad Down (PlayStation) Special Down


There are four types of randomness:

Type Effect
Pure The probability stays the same no matter what conditions the character(s) are under. Useless for competitive play. For example:

would yield a 50% chance of success at all times.

Damage The higher the damage taken by the vulnerable character, the higher the chance of success. For example:
(0 → 0%)(50 → 100%)*

would yield a minimum of 0% chance at 0 damage, and a maximum 100% chance at 50 damage taken.

Combo The higher the combo chain by the offending character, the higher the chance of success. For example:
(0 ⇨ 20%)(5 ⇨ 40%)*

would yield a minimum of 20% chance at a combo of 0, and a maximum 100% chance at a combo of 5.

Order Not actually random at all. If chance is really unwelcome then just make up a sequence of results that cycles. For example:
(0, 0, 1, 0, 1)


Instead of the characters actually having voices, have a dialogue box appear akin to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

Custom SettingsEdit

Unlike the OG Smash series, the player have far greater control over the global physics and mechanics of the game for versus matches, as well as specific settings for stages, but not for characters for balancing purposes. The player can also store sets of settings for later usage, which makes tourney rules far easier to establish for competitive gameplay.


HP Display
Full digits k with decimal k Percentage Knockback!Percentage
HP displayed ranges from 9999-0. HP displayed is e.g. 4.5k. HP displayed is e.g. 4k. HP displayed ranges from 0-100%. HP displayed ranges from 0-~300%.
Jump height
The character will barely lift off ground when tap jumping, and will perform about half a regular jump when holding. The character will jump about a normal hold jump when tapping, and can reach up to the top of the stage with certain high-jumpers when holding.
Air R button
Air dodge Shield
Characters dodge in midair, without invincibility frames. Characters use the shield in midair also, with doubled depletion.
Characters cannot use the shield. Characters can use the shield.
Shield strength
The character's shield will likely break instantly on any attack. The character's shield will be incredibly sturdy, and it is unlikely to break unless the defending player stays in defense even if they can move, for a significant period of time.
Chip damage
The character takes no HP damage from attacks while blocking. The character takes half HP damage from attacks while blocking. The character takes full HP damage from attacks while blocking.
The character will receive knockback at 1HP equivalent to 100% in the OG Smash series. The character will receive knockback at 1HP equivalent to 300% in the OG Smash series. The character will receive knockback at 1HP equivalent to 999% in the OG Smash series.
The character will land at 1HP as they would at 999% in the OG Smash series. The character will land at 1HP as they would at 200% in the OG Smash series. The character will land at 1HP as they would at 50% in the OG Smash series.

Random .swf testsEdit

  • Portrait layout Press ⇦⇨ to switch character
  • Damage font 51 fonts atm. Also random chance to crit. ⇦⇨ to switch font, Space to deal damage

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