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The sequel to Final Fantasy IV. It was first released as a mobile game because Square Enix has bad ideas (then again, FFIV is a horrible game barring Rydia).

Plot (may feature spoilers)Edit

The Creator (the Toriyama of FFIV's universe) oversees the world and decides that it's garbage until he spots a sexah green haired woman. He then creates an army of teen girls to destroy the world who look alot like Rydia. His plans don't pan out as the clones (known as Maenads) only care about shopping, getting boyfriends, and taking showers with each other. Rydia finds them and they throw a sexy sleepover. Taking advantage of the situation, the Creator dresses up as a Pizza boy and make his delivery. The girls eat the pizza but refuse to pay (in Gil or any other means) so the Creator attacks them all in sexually frustrated rage.

The last boss ends up to be a palletswap of Neo ExDeath (with a Pizza Hut cap).

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