One of the protagonists of Final Fantasy V, and the one with the most personality. Within Bartz' harem of royal hotties she's known as "the one who dresses like a man". That's why all her fanart is overtly feminine, so Yoshitaka Amano's the only person who knows how to draw her.

Faris was the princess of Tycoon, and her real name is Salsa. Salsa lived with her father and younger sister Lenna up until she was 4, she grew so ashamed with her stupid name that she joined a pirate gang. She changed her name to Faris (way cooler than being named after something that goes on tacos). She then took manly clothes, hijacked the ship and turned into a boss bitch disguised as a man.

Faris is the true heroine in FFV and is really the first female in Final Fantasy games not to be either completely useless or expected to be some sort of mage. She is the best female character ever! Also the first crossdressing female protagonist


  • She got Galuf and Bartz to fall for a man. She's THAT hot. Galuf clearly likes girls since he fathered a grandaughter but Bartz has no real excuse for that, other than seeing the beauty in everyone. We love you, Bartz. <3