Fang Vanille Handholding 2

Fanille, also known as the Crystal Lesbians or the Lazy Lesbian Lady Lovers, is the so-close-to-canon-that-we-may-just-as-well-assume-it-is romantic relationship between Oerba Yun Fang and Oerba Dia Vanille.


Haters keep calling them sisters, but we all know haters are stinky. That also means they support sibling incest, I mean what. Dey just mad jelly of the perfection cuz dey be stinkin' 'n' das not perfection.


Fang Vanille Mah&#039;habara
Fang Vanille Brand
Imginfo-iconHeterosexual girls being heterosexual (lolno)
Fang Vanille Crystal
Fang Vanille Gotcha
Imginfo-iconThat's how they identified confirmed bachelors back in the day
Fang Vanille Protect
Fang Vanille Handholding
Vanille x Fang Adventure by x Moosaka X
Fanille Lesbians

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