Instead of all characters being able to equip all weapons, each character has a select section of weapons able to choose from, each being upgraded from the last. They can reset and create new weapons through forging at shops by using certain reagents.

Every weapon can also have one additional effect added to it if forged properly. (I.E. Icebrand could have Wightslayer's undead bonus effect in addition to ice damage.)

Ranged and Melee

Character Weapon Type
Paladin Broadsword+Shield Melee
Summoner Rod(?) Ranged
Dragoon Spear Ranged
Red Mage Rapier Ranged
Monk Gauntlet Melee
Knight Hammer+Shield Melee
Ninja Katana/Shuriken Melee/Ranged
Scholar Tome Ranged
Archer Bow+Arrow Ranged
Black Mage Knife/Lantern(?) Melee

Character Name Statistics
Paladin Bronze Sword
Wightslayer 200% damage on Undead
Avenger 50%+ damage for every fallen ally.
Excalibur Holy-Elemental
Royal Sword
Ultima Weapon Deals damage relative to current health.
Dragoon Training Spear
Primal Spear
Pitchfork 200% damage versus demons.
Mage Anchor May inflict Silence.
Wind Spear Wind-Elemental
Twin Lance Strikes Twice.
Hurricane Spear Wind-Elemental
Kain's Spear
Templar's Verdict Strikes three times.
Red Mage Lifebane Drains HP on hit.
Stinger May inflict poison.
Phoenix Strife Fire-elemental
Aqualung Water-elemental
Doom Sword May inflict instant Death.
Epeprism Holy-Elemental
Joyeuse Consumes 20 MP for an automatic critical strike.
Scholar Heavy Ledger
Dusty Scroll
A Beginner's Guide to Demon Banishment 20% extra damage to demons/undead.
Burnt Tome Fire-elemental. 'The pages are barely legible...'
Sensual Romance Novel 'Why does a child have this!?'

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