saving for future reference

Stamina: HP growth.
Mind: MP growth.
Strength: Attack growth.
Bulk: Defense growth.
Accuracy: Hit rate.
Intelligence: Magic Power growth.
Spirit: Magic Defense growth.
Focus: Magic hit rate.
Zen: Inner Fury gauge fill rate.
Speed: ATB gauge fill rate.

Character Stamina Mind Strength Bulk Accuracy Intelligence Spirit Focus Zen Speed
Paladin Moderate Moderate Low Moderate Low High Highest Low High Moderate
Summoner Low Highest Low Low Low High Moderate High High Low
Dragoon Moderate Low Highest Moderate High Low Low Low Low High
Red Mage Moderate High Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Highest Moderate High
Monk Highest Low High High Low Moderate Moderate Low Low Moderate
Dark Knight High Low High Highest Low Low High Moderate Moderate Low
Ninja Moderate Moderate High Low Moderate Moderate Low Low Moderate Highest
Scholar Low High Moderate Low Moderate Moderate High High Highest Moderate
Archer Moderate Moderate High Moderate Highest Low Low Low Low High
Black Mage Low High Low Low High Highest Low High Low Low

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