Ellone is another hawt woman and a major antagonist from Final Fantasy VIII.

Ellone murdered her parents at a young age, making it seem like an accident and was taken in by Unca Laguna. After he married Raine, she orchestrated a fake abduction by Esthar in order to distract Lagoona from doing the sexy with his wife Raine. Teaming up with a tranny, they got Laguna stuck as the mayor of Esthar.

Raine was pregnant by this point, and had a baby named Leon. Ellone was a bit jelly so she killed Raine and convinced Leon it was his own fault. After a few years Hollow Bastion was attacked by the heartless and so she was swallowed by the darkness with the heart of the world. Leon survived and was able to make a life in Traverse Town with Aerith and Yuffie.

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