"Let's not turn this rape into a murder."
Vital statistics
Name Elice_Carol
Japanese Name That's a bit weeaboo
Age 27
Gender Female
Race Dead last
Height 5"2
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Home Some rainy Irish hellhole
Job Journalist
Weapon Opinions
Ultimate Weapon Facts
Limit Break I focked you're waifu

Optimistic yet foul-mouthed shipper that enjoys keeping the Noel x Serah shippers down. Was the subject of three "Elice Carol in a bikini" polls. "Yes" for bikini pictures won the two first rounds but lost in the third one because some insane people wanted another Final Fantasy XIII game instead, most likely dissidents of her mortal enemy Glitchy_Skyrim. They got one, but it was shit. Currently being stalked by Romangelo, despite being about 27 years too old for the likes of that kiddy fiddler. Her ego is twice as large as TTGL, a fact that she proudly admits.


Originally going by the name of Alice_Lockhart, Elice used to be a mischevious little rascal that loved Digital Devil Saga more than anything in the world. However, after Lord Week on the Dissidia boards and getting around 5 people banned for calling her babe, Elice decided to toughen up and leave GameFAQs, calling it "a load of Vietnamese bollocks." However, it was actually due to her anger over A. GILGAMESH getting in over Faris for Duodecim, and B. The sheer amount of competitive Pokemon discussion where you could be discussing delicious N. Thus, she left for Serebii for eight months before making a triumphant return to the Final Fantasy XIII-2 boards. DDS is still very close to her heart, however, and GameFAQs' preference of Persona tends to make her very angry, a trait that j-fielding is more than happy to exploit.

GameFAQs shenanigans


Elice, at the end of another day on the Berserk threads.

Upon joining the boards, Elice was greeted with some very disturbing sights. There was a pedophile in plain sight calling Porom the sexiest female FF character, Noel x Serah shippers ruled the board despite supporting infidelity and ephebophilia, and the mythical Snowx_ was pissing on the Nier soundtrack like it was nothing. Also, everyone loved to take time out for a game they all hated. Thus, she realized she needed to separate herself from the crowd, and became a massive conspiracy theorist that thinks BH Yeul is Mwynn, Glitchy_Skyrim is an idiot, Noel x Yeul is canon and Serah is a Mary Sue. All of her theories proved true except BH Yeul being Mwynn HAHA DISREGARD THAT BECKY LICKS CUNTS, and now she regularly lives it up on the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XV board JoJo threads on /a/, where you can find her doing battle with numerous Jonathanfags for the sake of "Josuke a qt."

Come check out her PB! and all contain delightful images for you to use in your petty flame wars, troll operations and waifu disputes.

Relevant Tidbits


Elice's OTP.

  • Her husbando is the spitting image of Snow Villiers, minus the bandana and plus a speech impediment.
  • Has currently abandoned the idea of having a best boy, as it ended up degenerating into something akin to a seasonal waifu. Josuke is purest JoJo though.
  • Does Casca have to be my waifu in order to be my best girl?
  • Had a video in Gamefaqs User Youtube Music Videos. It got deleted.
  • Elice's favorite users are the ones that aren't here anymore.
  • Her least favorite users are Glitchy_Skyrim (lol B&), FireMage7777 (lol also B&), but more importantly, her non-banned arch-nemesis Becky. Mentioning Becky to her is generally not a good idea, due to the often hilarious reactions that can be squeezed out of her.
  • The easiest way to get into her knickers is to express interest in her favorite animu. That is, if getting into her knickers is worth it.
  • Can you make an OTP out of something canon?
  • TheGreatPotato would pork her, which isn't anything special.
  • She edited this entire article. Or did she? (HAHA DISREGARD THAT BECKY LICKS CUNTS....AGAIN)
  • Doesn't mind jim shooping bikini pics of her. Really.