• Job A / Job B
    • Skill A III
    • Skill B II
  • Job A / Job A
    • Skill A IV
  • Freelancer / Job A
    • Skill A III
  • Job A / Freelancer
    • Skill A IV

Black MageEdit

Bravely Default - Black Mage (Big)
3 Black Mage job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Black Mage not found



Bravely Default - Freelancer (Big)
6 Freelancer job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Freelancer not found



Bravely Default - Knight (Big)
5 Knight job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Knight not found



Bravely Default - Thief (Big)
3 Thief job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Thief not found



Bravely Default - Valkyrie (Big)
5 Valkyrie job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Valkyrie not found



Bravely Default - Vampire (Big)
6 Vampire job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/Vampire not found


White MageEdit

Bravely Default - White Mage (Big)
4 White Mage job combinations
Category Dual-Job/Primary/White Mage not found


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