Otherwise known as "The King of Trolls", this Fal'cie lives up his name. Ever since Lightning and co. came to pulse, this long ass dragon was stalking them and shit. He even blew up their airship, the lindblum, just to f*** with them. What a tool. Go troll someone else, pls. 



"Dahaka the Stalka" resides at the apex of Taejin's Tower. What a weird place, right? He's so dumb he breaks the giant statues in his own house, just to troll Lightning and co. Such dedication to trolling has never before been seen.

When you finally fight this Shenron wannabe, he tranforms into a f******* peacock. No seriously, look at this picture. This guy is the troll to end all trolls. 
Dahaka artwork

Concept Art of the troll in its natural habitat


  • Dahaka the troll would fit right in on the LR board.
  • Dahaka is one of Zant's favorite FF bosses.

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