Clubs are gatherings for people who like to gather for discussing things in their club, for their club.

List of ClubsEdit

The following is a list of all Clubs made by the users of GFAQs FF:

Brotherhood of BaschEdit

The Brotherhood of Basch, is a club that worships all things Basch. (dat a$$ tho.)

Light SlayersEdit

The Light Slayers are a group of superior indivduals that hate Lightning as much as the miserable (Hey, we're not miserable! >:[) LU love her. (And believe me, that's a lot.)

Lightning UnionEdit

The Lightning Union (草泥馬, Cǎonímǎ?, lit. "T-toriyama-san k-kimochi"), LU for short, is as the name suggests, a club dedicated for Lightning.

Lumina's LackeysEdit

Yo Lightning, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Lumina's Lackeys is the best Club of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Hope's HermitsEdit

His light-blue, green eyes. His fine, silver hair. And, most of all, his loving, oh-so-sweet, too-good-to-be-true, so-kind-you'll-swoon personality. Sigh. Hope deserves a lot of love, for he has given lot. Hope's Hermits make it their lives' goal to give Hope the happiness he oh-so-deserves, and to make sure that he will always have a home to return to.

Team NoerahEdit


Team TerraEdit

Top Secret

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