A BH in its natural habitat of empty nothingness

BlueDragmire, also known as BlueHighwind, insisted that he have his own page. He sits on the Gamefaqs boards often enough to imagine that he might have made an impression on people. That appears to have been a mistaken conclusion. He hates Motomu Toriyama more than any other person alive, with the possible exception of Toriyama himself. Possibly more egotistical than notorious shipper and conspiracy theorist Elice_Carol, but that's unlikely considering Elice wrote this sentence.

Can be found on the real FFWiki where there is significantly less lulz, and claims to have voiced Lightning in the FFXIII series. Probably made that up.

Currently on the Rage is Wot Drives Meh 55MPH Tier.

<3 Draggy is totes Kawai desu~ <3